Monday’s episode, 2017 0914 with:

Tim Barry, Clair Morgan, Natalie Prass, Matthew E. White, Bio Ritmo, Charles Owens Quartet, Twain, Saw Black.

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The first five artists on today’s StudioB are all playing “RVA Live!”.
RVA Live!
The Richmond Symphony with – Matthew E White, Natalie Prass, Tim Barry, Clair Morgan, Bio Ritmo at the Carpenter Theatre, Sept 23 8pm

TIM BARRY – High On 95
-High On 95
-released Sept 8 on Chunksaah Records
-video shot by his 4 ½-year-old daughter:

CLAIR MORGAN – Rogue Island
-New Lions and the Not Good Night

NATALIE PRASS – Bird of Prey
-Natalie Prass
-released on Spacebomb Records, Matthew E White’s label

MATTHEW E WHITE – Golden Robes
-Fresh Blood

BIO RITMO – Senor Locutor
-recorded live at Minimum Wage Recording

CHARLES OWENS – On A Slow Boat To China
-A Day For Us
-see the Charles Owens Quartet perform “Losing Victory” on RVA Track this month

TWAIN – High Tide
-Alternator E.P.
-Richmond (via Brooklyn)

SAW BLACK – Azalea Days
-Azalea Days
-Azalea Days on Bandcamp: