Monday’s episode, 2017 0911, with:

Emperial March, Spiral Fracture, Trashed Nation, Navaeh, Vorator, Grass Panther, Coteries, Womajich Dialyseiz.

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-March 2017
-playing with Crowbar, Overkill and HAVOK, with Black Fast (St Louis), Invidia (Vegas) and Spiral Fracture (RVA)

SPIRAL FRACTURE – Control Alt Delete
-Dismantled (new)
-recorded by John Morand at Sound of Music
-produced by John Morand and Spiral Fracture
-Metal Alliance with Overkill, Crowbar, Havok, Black Fast, Invidia, Spiral Fracture and Emperial March
-Sept 14 at Canal Club

TRASHED NATION – Bravery and Sacrifice
-Trashed Nation
– members from RVA bands Bullistic, White Knuckle Battery & Boss Kean’s Ditch.
-new release expected in 2018 followed by touring

NAVAEH – Follow The Leader
-August 2017

VORATOR – Judea Burns
-Italic Raids EP

GRASS PANTHER – Your Mission
-article in RVA Mag earlier this year (April)


WOMAJICH DIALYSEIZ – Part 1 – 2-19-17
-at Strange Matter this past Sat – sold out