Month: March 2024

River City Limits on WRIR 3-2-24

Playlist and blog post on WRIR’s website

BANDCAMP page – nearly 100% of the music featured is purchased from the artists

NEW – released FEB. or JAN.
ASM (Anti-Christ Seige Machine) – Sisera
Inter Arma – New Heaven
DJ Harrison – L’Anthropofemme
Justin Golden – The Rain Done Fell on Me pt.1
doll baby – Treetops
Drook – Texas – Awful Stories
WKNDR – All In
Superchunk – Everybody Dies >break
Balter Choir – Leaves Falling
Butcher Brown – Down With The King
Dorthia Cottrell – Price to Prey
Midlife Pilot – Idle Themes
Stone Woman – Near Dark
Belly of the Heart – Texas Beach
Cupid McCoy – Summer Sweethearts
Dead Billionaires – Straight Shooter
DuctTape Jesus – Press On
Higley – 5 Minutes
Hotspit – Cave Dweller
Keep – Dasani Daydream
Love Roses – 15 Minutes
My Darling Fury – The End of The World
Noah-O x Big No – Uncle Phil
Righter – Bad Art
RIKKI RAKKI – Breaking Skin
Sun V Set – Curious Wave
Ten Pound Snail – House Mouse
MightyJoshua – CleanHands
Mister Earthbound – Animal
Municipal Waste – Wave of Death
THUNDERCHIEF – No Compromise
Ryan Kent – Bring Me My Monster (w- Jimmy Bower)
The Milkstains – Intimidator (You’re Dale to me)

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