Go Forward Team Ride Course

Click here to download a GPX file you can load onto your bike computer.

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Werner Herzog’s Review of Trader Joe’s

This horrifying dystopian scene is Werner Herzog’s retelling of his experience at Trader Joe’s market which was actually written by Paul F. Tomkins in a satirical review intended to reflect Herzog’s less-than-cheery persona.  Click here for an article on Tomkins and the review and Herzog’s reaction upon finding out about it. It’s not for the faint of heart or those with a fear of crowds, confined spaces or humanity in general. Werner wrote the review.  I did the voice, sound design and ambient music.  The performance is not an impression of Herzog, but was inspired by the fake review.

Good Eye Podcast Ep43 Josh Sloan – SPORTable

Josh Sloan is the Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator with SPORTable, Richmond and the host of the SPORTable podcast.  SPORTable enables people with disabilities to see beyond their limitations through sport and activity while building relationships and fostering community engagement.  SPORTable is celebrating their 15th anniversary this year.  


5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Wayne Samford Memorial Golf Tournament

The SPORTable Podcast

Good Eye Podcast

Good Eye Podcast Ep42 Sara Daves – Intuitive Purpose Coach

Sara Daves endured challenges and tragedy on her path to discovering her true purpose – helping others find theirs.  She’s a purpose coach, a meditation guide, a conflict resolution specialist and a manifesting facilitator.  Sara believes that understanding one’s inner self is the first step on the path to walking in one’s divine purpose.

Sara Daves

Good Eye Podcast


Intelligent TV is vital.

Available. Accessible. Escapist. Excellent. Informative. Intelligent. There’s really nothing like good television programming. This article highlights an important outlet and some of its greatest output. A coalescence of titles, talent, commentary, comedy, drama and dialogue. Feasts for the eyes, ears and mind. HBO has moved the genre and the platform forward for nearly half a century. Not beholden to likes or clicks or impressions, HBO created the standard by which they judge themselves. Thereby creating the standard by which all others are judged.

I miss The Sopranos.

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