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Good Eye Podcast Ep29 – Altor Gives Back – Ed Hopper and Shannon Kane

In this episode of The Good Eye Podcast, the conversation is with Ed Hopper and Shannon Kane of Altor Gives Back.  Altor is a credit card processing company that has evolved to embody a mission.  What began as an arm of the company has become the company itself.  They give half of their net profits on all transactions to non-profit organizations.  Ed and Shannon talk about the motivation to start Altor Gives Back, how non-profits and businesses can become Give Back Charity Partners and how to participate.  We also go off the rails a little and start talking about our pets. 

Altor Processing Systems

Alltor Gives Back

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StudioB/RVA S24 E8 Honest Debts Live at Red Amp

Honest Debts performs in-studio at Red Amp Audio on this edition of StudioB Live at Red Amp.  They play a few songs, talk about recording, playing out, gear and about their residency at The Dark Room, which is on hold until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Honest Debts is:
Sam Valentine
Matt Elgin
Alex Roberson
Jacob Hill

Honest Debts on Bandcamp 

Honest Debts on Apple Music

Honest Debts on Spotify
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A new StudioB/RVA podcast episode is live. #rvamusic

Good Eye Podcast Ep28 – Ben King – Armor Down With Mindfulness

Ben King created Armor Down with Mindfulness after serving as a Psychological Operations Sergeant in the Army during the Iraq War.  While searching for methods to restore his mind and body he discovered the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  He now strives to help fellow service members calm active minds often stuck on “threat”.  Ben relays his fascinating story and incredible mission during Part 1 of this conversation on the Good Eye Podcast.

Armor Down With Mindfulness – all about Ben and his mission. 

Mindful Memorial Day Foundation – Ben’s Foundation to honor fallen heroes through mindfulness. 

Buy an Armor Down Meditation cushion and Ben will donate one to a Veteran or Active Duty Service Member.

Good Eye Podcast – contact, past episodes, show notes. 

StudioB/RVA S24 E7 Doug Nunnally of The Auricular

Doug Nunnally from the Richmond music website The Auricular is in-studio to talk local music and spin some recent tracks he’s digging.  We pay special attention to The Auricular’s Feb 1 – 8 Richmond Roundup.

The Auricular


Artists featured:

Indira & Guppy Jo
Angelica Garcia
Ladylike 804
Greg Garner Feat. Timothy Bailey
Erin Lunsford
Johnny Cigs
The Firnats
Mister Earthbound

A new StudioB/RVA podcast episode is live. #rvamusic

Good Eye Podcast Ep27 – Kim Eley – KWE Publishing

Kim Eley helps people tell their stories.  She’s a writer, a writing coach, a publisher, a speaker and she’s full of energy.  If you’ve ever thought about writing a book talk to Kim.  She’ll help bring it to life and then she’ll help tell the world about it.  Just sitting and talking with her inspires you to find your voice.  In this conversation she talks about inspiration, process and helping people express what they’re passionate about.  Another “Synapse Stories” installment of The Good Eye Podcast.

KWE Publishing

The Good Eye

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