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Good Eye Podcast Ep35 Pamela Losada – Empowerment Coach

Today’s guest is Empowerment Coach Pamela Losada.  Originally, Switzerland she was a prominent Psychologist and Counselor with a successful practice.  But something was missing.  She was looking for something deeper and more meaningful, had chronic exhaustion and no measure of success made her feel complete.  Then she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  This led her on a quest to find something to make her feel more complete.  She became a Certified Health Coach, and began to implement the most cutting-edge insights and strategies to help transform her life and the lives of her clients. 

Pamela Losada Online

Good Eye Podcast

Habitat For Humanity – “Reflections of Home”


I’m excited to be working with Habitat For Humanity on the music portion of their “Reflections of Home” series. Habitat stands for what it means to value home and have a safe affordable place to live. They’re featuring what home means to their volunteers, supporters, homeowner and other members of the Richmond community in this series that will take submissions for the community and offer prizes in the fields of art and photography, poetry and short stories, music and cooking.

Local businesses interested in getting involved or offering prizes can email me at

Music submissions can be directed to:

June 22nd-26th:

  • Monday: Highlights Richmond Habitat families- past, present and future
  • Tuesday: Views of Home (Art and Photography)- partnered with The Richmond Night Market
    • Virtual Art Show- 7pm-8pm
  • Wednesday: Stories of Home (poetry and short stories)- partnered with Richmond Magazine’s R*Home
    • Virtual Storytelling Event & Competition- 7pm-8pm
  • Thursday: Songs of Home (music) – partnered with SmackSound LLC/StudioB RVA Podcast
    • Virtual Music Show & Competition- 7pm-8pm
  • Friday: Recipes of Home- send in your favorite recipes to share and develop/publish a cookbook for sale and homeowner welcome home basket (not a part of the storytelling competition).

More info on prizes coming soon.

Good Eye Podcast Ep34 Aaron Lee – Leadership Coach

Aaron Lee helps leaders, teams and organizations focus and strategize by identifying strengths of each person and personality type.  That includes the personalities of the organization itself.  By giving voice to strengths, development and growth follows.  Also an inspiring speaker, Aaron can engage an audience and provide valuable perspective.

StudioB/RVA S24 E10 David Judson Clemmons

David Judson Clemmons joins me live from Germany via Skype.  He’s a Richmond guy who moved to L.A. to play music and ended up moving to Germany where he’s been ever since.  His new album “Tribe and Throne” is out now and available everywhere.  We talk about his travels, his time in Richmond, what he’s up to in Germany, connecting with fellow RVA music Greta Brinkman and more.  This episode is also on YouTube in 2 parts.

Watch the episode on YouTube below.
Part 1


Good Eye Podcast – Ep33 Aaron Kirkpatrick – Arts for Learning

Today’s guest is Aaron Kirkpatrick, Artistic and Education Manager with Arts for Learning, the leading provider of quality arts-in-education programming in Virginia. They integrate the arts in learning programs and workshops to improve students’ literacy skills, motivation to read and ability to learn.  They also provide artists opportunities to share their knowledge and talents through performance and instruction.  

Arts For Learning

Arts For Learning blog

Opportunities for artists

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