Production Tip – Renaming Regions In Pro Tools (VIDEO)

Today’s production tip is for renaming regions in Pro Tools using keyboard shortcuts and what to do if at first the shortcut doesn’t respond.  There’s always a reason for little things like this.  I recently set up a new computer and all my settings were wiped out, and I’m still finding little gremlins in my workflow.  Been there?  Thought so.

Good Eye Podcast Ep46 Mark Winn – Concept Over Technique

Mark Winn is a peaceful warrior.  He’s a calm, present, wise person who is always ready for anything due to his awareness and his philosophy of “concept over technique” which means you must understand the why before you can master the what.  He’s a instructor in the Israeli martial art of krav maga.  He’s an author, a motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur.  His new book is called “Not A Victim But A Warrior”.

Accents of Britain

Attention VO peeps, language nerds and anthropology enthusiasts.  On this side of the pond we don’t always think about the many accents present in the speaking patterns of folks in Britain as well as Scotland and Ireland.  But in this video, Siobhan Thompson gives examples of many of them including some celebrities and where their accent originated.  I found this while researching a specific British accent.  In VO, you often have to nail a regional dialect to have any shred of authenticity.  Videos like this are extremely helpful.  Plus, it’s fun and fascinating!

StudioB/RVA S25 E01 The Northerners

The Northerners, the brother-sister team of Justin Khoury and Ally Khoury, talk about their recently-released self-titled album that they’ve been working on for several years.  They play an acoustic tune and we hear a track from the new record.

The Northerners

“The Northerners” on Spotify

StudioB RVA Podcast

A new StudioB/RVA podcast episode is live. #rvamusic

Voiceover For Cybersecurity Explainer Video

One reason I love being a voice actor is that you come in contact with so many interesting people and subjects.  You get to learn so much about stuff you might not otherwise.  Synack is a world leader in cybersecurity.  In order to be the best at what they do they send their professional hackers that look for vulnerabilities in their software to hacking competitions around the world.  They want only the best on their team.  I didn’t even know that was a thing!

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