Open conversations and open minds.
About the show: Conversations with interesting guests providing value.  Subjects include wellness, mindfulness, health, exercise, nutrition, science, creativity, responsible business, non-profit organizations and charities.  Expect intellectual honesty, curiosity, awareness, positivity and other novelties.
About the host:  Jay Smack is a voiceover artist, producer, sound designer, post-production mixer, musician, radio dj, podcaster and podcast producer/educator trying to have positive, interesting and occasionally enlightening conversations with people smarter than he is.  He also loves to ride bikes and participates in a number of fundraising rides for organizations like the National MS Society, the Forward Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and others.   His band, the Voodoo Fishermen, play music that has been described as “Talking Heads meets Zappa”.  If only.  

Guest, topic and event ideas are always welcome. Contact info below.

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