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The Garden: A Tribute to Neil Peart (1952-2020) – YouTube

Thanks to YouTuber “sticksforarms” for the this poignant tribute to RUSH drummer and lyricist Neil Peart.  It’s a nice image retrospective put to the RUSH song “The Garden” from the “Clockwork Angels” album.  The song choice is fitting and shows, while being known for technical, inventive and complicated drumming, how Neil always served the song.

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Good Eye Podcast – Ep24 Steve Van Dam – Light The Music

Light The Music is teaching kids (and everyone else!) to engage with music and and their own creativity via the Oro music app which also includes an exciting visual component that kids really respond to.  Co-founder Steve Van Dam has been in the music business for years, first with his band Everything and later as a composer and producer.  Now Steve and his Light The Music partners are helping bring creativity, learning and communication to kids and schools through music.

See Light The Music’s Oro Visual Music app in action

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Rush Drummer Neil Peart Passes | Modern Drummer Magazine

The beat goes off.  RIP Neil Peart.

Source: Rush Drummer Neil Peart Passes | Modern Drummer Magazine

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Good Eye Podcast – Ep23 Brian Muka Fear Sherpa

Brian Muka, otherwise known as The Fear Sherpa, met his greatest fear.  His story revolves around how he made that work for him, and he specializes in helping you make making your fear work for you.  He doesn’t want to conquer fear, or overcome it.  He says your secret superpower lies in simply facing fear with full awareness and using it to access parts of you you didn’t even know were there.  He’s also a certified Wim Hof instructor.  What is Wim Hof and how can fear help you become the best version of yourself you can be?  Listen to this conversation with Brian Muka, Fear Sherpa, and find out.

Brian Muka – Fear Sherpa

Brian’s book: “Your Secret Superpower: Tame Fear to Thrive”

Wim Hof Method

Good Eye Podcast website

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Good Eye Podcast – Ep22 Albert C. Moore and Sara Daves

Albert C. Moore is a retired architect and the author of “Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul”.  Sara Daves is an intuitive purpose coach, Tarot reader and program facilitator of “Manifest Like A Goddess”, working with clients to live a joyful life.  They come together to discuss what is possible when we manifest our true purpose, understand who we truly are, practice self-mastery and live intentionally. 

Albert C. Moore’s book “Eyes In The Mirror” website

Sara Daves website

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