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River City Limits on WRIR 5-21-22

WRIR’s Website Here

1. Downhaul – Standing Water
2. Merciful Zero (formerly Armwood) – Melonite Kingdom
3. Midlife Pilot – Telepathic
4. Mr Earthbound – Animal
5. Strawberry Moon – Grew This Way
6. Sammi Lanzetta – The Villain
7. Colpa Mia – Annie
8. Deau Eyes – Make Some Time
9. Rough Age – Every Minute, Every Mile
10. Toxic Moxie – Creation Limitation
11. Toxic Moxie – Bratcore (VCR cover)
12. Ant The Symbol (feat Black Liq) – Names
13. Armagideon Time – Foxed In The Head (edit)
14. Large Margin – Smothered and Covered
15. Angelica Garcia – Macorina
16. Heath Haynes – Whole Entire World
17. Big Fundamental – Where Do Cities Go When They Die 18. Caro – Alright, You Win
19. The JOB – Here For You
20. Frames – Brewery
21. LUGGAGE – Chemicals (edit)
22. PJ Sykes – How To Germinate A Heart
23. Mighty Good Times – Call Me Lefty
24. Mighty Joshua – Clean Hands
25. Gnawing – Matheson Ave
26. Matthew E White – Genuine Hesitation 27. Washers – Gone
28. Sports Bar – Cut The Cord
29. The Welcome Hips – The Deep End
30. Windhand – Forest Clouds

River City Limits on WRIR – 5-7-22

  1. McKinley Dixon – Mama’s Home (edit)
  2. Baby Bugs – Hey Bunny
  3. Sammi Lanzetta – The Borderline
  4. DJ Harrison – Game Restart
  5. Appalling – Father Inferior (new)
  6. 3:33 – Breaking Wheel (new)
  7. Battlemaster – Disgusting Spell
  8. Those Manic Seas – Headache Heartache
  9. Dead Billionaires – Engines
  10. Neatly Drawn Blinds – Mind Unmade
  11. The Head and the Heart – My Friends
  12. NO BS! BRASS – Undying (new)
  13. King Sour Crapspasm
  14. DUST – Abscond (new)
  15. Prayer Group – Michael Dose (new)
  16. Cough – Crippled Wizard
  17. David Judson Clemmons – Human Odyssey (new)
  18. Heath Haynes – Whole Entire World
  19. David Brooking – If I Don’t Make It Back
  20. Jim Ivins – Me and My Bones
  21. SAU – I Had A Friend
  22. Thunderchief – Night Songs (new – Cinderella cover)
  23. Burn The Priest – Suffering Bastard
  24. Prisoner – Abyss
  25. Tim Barry – High on 95 (8/5 solo at Richmond Music Hall)
  26. AVAIL – Fall Apart (8/6 AVAIL Over the James 22 on Brown’s Island)
  27. Sea of Storms – Gentleman’s jam
  28. Beeline – Trails
  29. Butcher Brown – Remind Me

WRIR website

River City Limits on WRIR – Spring Fund Drive

I hosted River City Limits on WRIR on Saturday April 23rd.  It’s two hours of RVA-area music every Saturday from 5-7pm at 97.3fm or listen online here.  We’re in the middle of the Spring Fund Drive and your support of Richmond’s Independent Radio Station is greatly appreciated.

Support WRIR here.



BABY BUGS – Hey Bunny

HOTSPIT – Epitaph

FM SKYLINE – Astral Baths

COLIN PHILS – Trust/Fall


NO BS! BRASS – Undying

I AM THE LIQUOR – Destroyer of Worlds

JJ SPEAKS – Sneaky Little Wizards

SEPARATION – Rise of Kings


JUSTIN GOLDEN – Ain’t Just Luck

THE JOB – Here For You


.GIF FROM GOD – Take The Flesh and Make It Stretchy

DEAD FORMAT – Daybreak

MURDERSOME – Living Is Illegal

PRAYER GROUP – Michael Dose

GULL – Mouth To Match





SAMMI LANZETTA – The Borderline

Many of these can be found in my Bandcamp collection here. 

Activate! on WRIR 4-14-22 (filling in for Mike Rutz)

Mike Rutz’s show Activate! on WRIR is known around the station as one of the most challenging shows to do, especially since you’re sitting in for Mike who does it every week.  He’s used to it.  It’s an audio music calendar featuring music from bands and artists who will be playing in the Richmond area over the next week.  So you have to do a lot of research for it in a short amount of time and also find music to play which should represent the artists appropriately.  Do you play the new single?  Or do you play an old favorite?  What do you play by local artists who listeners may or may not know?  It’s fun, but you want to do it justice.

I sat in for Mike on Thursday and even though it’s a relief to find plenty of music to play and plenty of live dates to promote, there is always so much more that you could play and highlight.  And that speaks highly of Richmond’s live music scene which is pretty cool.


2022 0414 Activate! – Host Jay Smack (in for Mike)

FM SKYLINE – Astral Baths (local)
Black Iris; April 16 @ 8:30pm (w/ Alfred; FM Skyline; DHEMO; DJ Bedspread Radio)

HOTSPIT – Epitaph (local)
SIPPER – Party (NYC)
Hotspit (w/ Loving; Sipper) @ The Broadberry; April 21 @ 7pm

AUDACITY BRASS BAND – Raise Your Glass (local) Brambley Park; April 15 @ 9:30pm

DUCTTAPE JESUS – Fiddy Cent (local)
The Camel; April 18 @ 7pm (w/ Hunting Dog; Digital Hell)

DEAD BILLIONAIRES – Engines (local)
PRABIR TRIO – America (local)
Dead Billionaires EP , The Camel; April 20 @ 7pm (w/ Dead Psychic; Prabir Trio; Sweet Potatoes)

DUMB WAITER – Frzk (local)
GULL – Mouth To Mouth (local)
Gallery 5; April 16 @ 7pm (w/ Gull; Payton Baril)

LUCY IN BATTLE ARMOR – Funk Jedi (local)
JJ SPEAKS – Sneaky Little Wizards (local) – news of a special show in Sept later BABY BUGS – Hey Bunny
Bandito’s; April 16 @ 9pm (Lucy In Battle Armor, JJ Speaks; Baby Bugs)

.GIF FROM GOD – take the flesh; make it stretchy (local)
Benefit for Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project at Ask a punk; April 20 @ 8pm (w/ Prisoner; Terror Cell; Cimitir)
PRISONER – Tyrant (local)
Benefit for Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project at Ask a punk; April 20 @ 8pm (w/ .gif from god; Terror Cell; Cimitir)

CIRCLE JERKS – Coup d’Etat (live)
7 SECONDS – Here’s Your Warning
The Broadberry; April 18 @ 7pm (w/ Negative Approach; 7 Seconds)

SEA OF STORMS – Gentleman’s Jam (local) DARK WATERS – Mazy (local)
Cobra Cabana; April 15 (w/ Dark Waters; NC 17)

SUPERCHUNK – Endless Summer (Chapel Hill)
Richmond Music Hall; April 16 @ 7pm (w/ Torres)

DELTA SLEEP – Planet Fantastic
COLIN PHILS – Trust/Fall
GENDER ROLES – Dead or Alive
Canal Cub; April 19 @ 7pm (w/ It Looks Sad.; Gender Roles; Colin Phils)

DEAD FORMAT – Daybreak (local)
NINTH REALM – All Hail Treachery (Maryland)
The Bike Shop; April 15 @ 7pm (w Heavy Is the Head; Defying Death; Wasted Space; Dead Format; Ninth Realm; Gradal Slip)

HOT TUNA – I See the Light The Tin Pan; April 18 @ 7pm

TIN CAN FISH BAND – Long Time Blue
Sound of Music; April 16 @ 5pm (w/ Craigslist Jerry; Kooler Heads)

THE JOB – Here For You (local) -new

SEPARATION – Rise of Kings
MURDERSOME – Living Is Illegal
I AM THE LIQUOR – Destroyer of Worlds
Reunion show Sept 17 at Canal Clubwith Murdersome, I Am The Liquor, Fallen Under, JJ SPeaks

Good Eye Podcast – Rick Plautz – Web3

New Good Eye Podcast with Motion Designer, VCU Brandcenter Professor and Meditation Leader Rick Plautz. We talk about Web3 and the decentralization of internet platforms. We also veer into topics such as blockchain, the concept of value, social media’s future and its effect on emotional health, sound bath meditation and more.
Rick was also a recent guest speaker at a Synapse networking meeting. The insightful conversation and exchange of ideas was incredible.

Follow Rick on Twitter
Good Eye Podcast

Editors are storytellers – A tribute to Taylor Hawkins

Editors are storytellers.

Post production editors, mixers, motion/graphic artists, animators, composers, cinematographers, directors, and other creative technicians often work in secluded rooms using creative vision as a compass. It’s not for everyone, but for some, it’s the only thing they could ever envision doing.

Please excuse the sharing of someone else’s work, but when I saw this tribute piece for Taylor Hawkins I was floored. I don’t know who produced and edited it, but we rarely do, do we? It hits all the right notes and deftly combines the emotional impact of losing such an inspirational figure with the artistry of this production to generate a visceral reaction. The rhythm, the shot choices, the length of each shot, the song, the timing, all of it comes together to say what words never could. It tells a story succinctly, passionately, honorably and completely.

Music is what got me into this business and it’s what prevents me from ever leaving. I have to be close to it. It’s the same for many of us. As a vo artist/audio post mixer (and drummer) navigating a career path through the intersections of creativity and commerce, it hasn’t always been an easy business to be in. But I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

RIP, Taylor Hawkins. Thanks for the music and the joy. And thanks to the lifers in this crazywacky business who remain unsung, which is most of us. And we’re fine with that. #postproduction

The Genius of Jonny Greenwood

You love film scores?  You love the music of Radiohead?  You love the musical compositions of Johnny Greenwood, guitarist for Radiohead?  Ok then.

Ashton Gleckman is a composer who produces a series on YouTube call “Art Of The Score”.  If you’re a film score nerd you’d love it.

This episode is all about Jonny Greenwood and features analysis of and commentary on his compositional approaches and techniques used in scoring films such as Paul Thomas Anderson’sThe Master” and “There Will Be Blood“, “Spencer” about Princess Diana, “The Power of the Dog” and “Phantom Thread“.

Also, Johnny’s solo album debut and soundtrack to the documentary Bodysong.

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