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RIFF – The Richmond International Film and Music Festival

Now THIS, is cool. Richmond has its very own film and music festival and it’s happening now. The Richmond International Film and Music Festival is in town April 23 through the 28th, and man does it offer a lot to see, do and experience. Screenings, premieres (including the premiere of the much-anticipated Donnie “Dirtwoman” Corker documentary “Spider Mites of Jesus – The Dirtwoman Documentary”) speakers, panels and music events. For a full lineup and schedule check out the full downloadable guide here. Founder Heather Waters will be a guest on upcoming episodes of both The Well and Good Podcast and StudioB/RVA.

New website!

I have a new website. Wait, THIS one? As in, the one you’re looking at? No, a different one. Another one, in addition to this one. It’s at and focuses on my work as a voiceover artist. Kinda helps eliminate some clutter and confusion. Unless you clicked to THIS post on THIS website FROM the other website – the one, I mean. So, why do I need another website? Well, when I work with VO clients or send auditions, it’s easier to just point them to a website dedicated to voiceover rather than make them click around and try to navigate all this other stuff. On THIS website – like podcasts, and blog entries, and music and stuff. So if you clicked here from that site and are even more confused you can probably see my point about wanting to clear up the confusion. If you clicked here from there and just want to go back there and are wishing you hadn’t come here, click here to go back there. Anyway glad that’s all cleared up.

The Well and Good Podcast – WG011 Integrated Medical Arts with Sean Orr

Today’s guest is Sean Orr of Praxis RVA.  Sean is many things to many people, especially if you are among those not sure where to turn on your wellness journey.  He offers acupuncture, nutritional counseling, moxibustion, herbal medicine and much more at his practice, Praxis RVA.  

Show notes:

Praxis RVA:

A new Well and Good Podcast episode is live.

The Voice of Dragons!

As in, speaking FOR dragons, not AS dragons. This is a recent video project with some voiceover I provided. It accompanied a Kickstarter campaign for a new fantasy game series. If you dig that stuff, go check them out and maybe support the project. It blew up as soon as the campaign went live and reached its goal in a day!

Project link: Odyssey of the Dragonlords

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