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Good Eye Podcast Ep44 Andrea Starr – Go Forward Team Ride

Today’s guest is Andrea Starr, CEO of the Forward Foundation.  Andrea and I talk about the upcoming cycling event to benefit the Forward Foundation which provides assistance and resources for single mothers in crisis.  The event is October 24th and will take place in two forms: the organized ride from Bryan Park to Ashland and back, and the virtual event which will take place virtually wherever participants want to do their activities.  Virtual participants can ride, walk, run, swim, dance or do just about anything they want as long as they sign up for the event and use the hashtag #goforwardtogether on social media.

This is the first Go Forward event, but the plan is to have it again next year and for years to come when we can hopefully all get together to support the Forward Foundation and celebrate.






Good Eye Podcast Ep 41 Dr. James Wright – Elder Memory Care, COVID and Homecoming

Dr. Jim Wright is the the medical director at Canterbury Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center as well as two other long-term healthcare facilities in the Richmond area.  Canterbury in Henrico County that became ground zero for COVID-19 pandemic and made national headlines.  Jim has been a longtime advocate for the necessity of quality senior care and leads a group that is working on developing a  dementia care “village” that would house Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in a safe, community-style facility.

Jim’s Vision for Homecoming Memory Village

Good Eye Podcast


Good Eye Podcast Ep28 – Ben King – Armor Down With Mindfulness

Ben King created Armor Down with Mindfulness after serving as a Psychological Operations Sergeant in the Army during the Iraq War.  While searching for methods to restore his mind and body he discovered the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  He now strives to help fellow service members calm active minds often stuck on “threat”.  Ben relays his fascinating story and incredible mission during Part 1 of this conversation on the Good Eye Podcast.

Armor Down With Mindfulness – all about Ben and his mission. 

Mindful Memorial Day Foundation – Ben’s Foundation to honor fallen heroes through mindfulness. 

Buy an Armor Down Meditation cushion and Ben will donate one to a Veteran or Active Duty Service Member.

Good Eye Podcast – contact, past episodes, show notes. 

Good Eye Podcast Ep.15 NAMI with Caitlin Reynolds

Today’s guest is NAMI Walks Virginia Manager Caitlin Reynolds.  NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  Caitlin talks about her own battles with mental illness, confronting it head-on, some of the stigma surrounding mental illness and breaking it down, managing and participating in the upcoming NAMI walk, motherhood, some surprising statistics on mental illness in America and more.


Good Eye Podcast Ep.14 The Live Red Foundation

The Live Red Foundation “exists to bring life to individuals, families, and communities through fitness, despite socioeconomic obstacles. We do this by offering events, training, education, and scholarships that provide opportunity, guidance, and empowerment.”  Live Red Director Michael Harlow stops by to talk about their mission and programs and how they believe fitness can change lives.


Good Eye Podcast Ep.12 Growing Non-Profits with Robin Green of Sandler Sales Training

Today’s guest is Robin Green of Sandler Sales Training.  Robin is a certified instructor and works with organizations to develop customized sales, management, leadership and recruiting solutions and everything in-between.  Robin discusses working with non-profits and some of the challenges they face in growing their organizations via donor, community and volunteer outreach and engagement.  Some of those challenges are similar to those facing for-profit organizations, and some are unique.  Robin also has a podcast called “Lead.  Learn.  Grow.” wherein he speaks with leaders from the fields of business, government, education, and the non-profit sector.

Robin’s Podcast: Lead. Learn Grow.

Robin’s blog.

Contact: robin.green@sandler.com

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