Thursday’s episode, 2017 0907, with:

Roy Batty, Hoboknife, Hot Dolphin, Buzzard Dust, Spiral Fracture, Tel, Sinister Haze, Book of Wyrms, Bearstorm.

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ROY BATTY – A Quality Of Mercy
-June 2017
-current/ex members of Hot Dolphin, HoboKnife, La Mere Vipere, Avail, Parasitic.
Strange Matter Sept 29 with Demon Eye (Raleigh) and Tel (RVA)

HOBOKNIFE – The Bleakest Reprimand
– Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ian Whalen at Etching Tin Studios
Nov 2015

-Hotter Dolphiner

-Buzzard Dust
-released May ‘16
-recorded by Leland Hoth at The Falcon’s Nest and The Compund

SPIRAL FRACTURE – Control Alt Delete
-Dismantled (new)
-recorded by John Morand at Sound of Music
-produced by John Morand and Spiral Fracture
-Metal Alliance with Overkill, Crowbar, Havok, Black Fast, Invidia, Spiral Fracture and Emperial March
-Sept 14 at Canal Club

TEL – Daybreak
-recorded by Javier Ramos at Indoor Suns Productions
-released August 9
Strange Matter Sept 29 with Demon Eye (Raleigh) and Roy Batty (RVA)

SINSITER HAZE – Shot Through Darkness
-Laid Low In The Dust of Death
-buy it:
-Recorded by Chad Davis
-Mastered by Collin Jordan at the Boiler Room
-Cover Art by Niki Urban
-Sinister Haze merch:
-released May 7, 2016

BOOK OF WYRMS – Leatherwing Bat
-Sci/Fi Fantasy
-Hurricane Benefit Oct 22 at The Temple of the Cosmic Mothership with Book of Wyrms, Bearstorm, Julie Storey (Doll Baby)

BEARSTORM – Biophobia
-Grimoire Records (Baltimore)
-Hurricane Benefit Oct 22