Studio B 2017 0904 Monday, with:

Music from GWAR, interview with Ronan Chris Murphy who recorded, mixed and mastered the new GWAR record “The Blood of Gods”

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-new GWAR record “The Blood of Gods” out Oct 20
-GWAR tour kicks off in Richmond Oct 20 at The National

Corey Smoot (Flattus Maximus) died in 2011
interview: 6:25 – 27:32
GWAR stuff @ 19:15

GWAR – Madness At The Core of Time
-Battle Maximus

INTERVIEW – Ronan Chris Murphy
-recorded, mixed, mastered new GWAR record
-Veneto West
-Home Recording Boot Camp
-went to VCU
-grew up outside DC
-was in DC bands
-from RCM’s website:
As a producer, engineer and/or mixer, Ronan Chris Murphy has worked with the likes of King Crimson (several albums), Steve Morse (Dixie Dreggs Deep Purple), Terry Bozzio (Zappa, Missing Persons), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, Pink Floyd)), Martin Sexton, Jamie Walters, Ulver, The California Guitar Trio, Chucho Valdes y Groupo Irakere, Joan LaBarbara (Philip Glass Ensemble, Steve Reich) Nels Cline (Wilco)  as well as various projects featuring members of Tool, Ministry, Weezer Dishwalla, and Yes.

GWAR – Fuck This Place
-The Blood of Gods (new)
-releases Oct 20, pre-order to get this song

GWAR – Gog Gor
-America Must Be Destroyed

GWAR – Sick Of You
-Scumdogs of the Universe

GWAR – Saddam A Go Go
-This Toilet Earth

GWAR – Immortal Corrupter
-Violence Has Arrived