Thursday’s episode, 2017 0831, with:

Hot Reader, Jaguardini, Claim Culture, Rumput, Sid Kingsley, Sam Reed, Promethean, Irata, I Am The Liquor.

-Office-Attic Demos

JAGUARDINI – Punku Chiku
-Skin and Bones

CLAIM CULTURE – American Ritual
-American Ritual
-no longer together

RUMPUT – Silver Dagger
-recored, mixed and mastered by Adrian Olsen at Montrose Recording
-releases September 9, 2017

SID KINGSLEY – Good Way Home
-Good Way Home
-produced, recored, mixed by Scott Lane
-mastered by Mark Fuller

SAM REED – True Value
-This Is Love
-Jellowstone Records

PROMETHEAN – Thou Trusty
-Snow and Bodies E.P.
– Keith Paul (Dumb Waiter) – Guitar, composer, Matt Wild (Doubtfire, ex-Hellbear) – Drums.
-drums recorded at The Compound in Richmond, VA by Michael Scott Michael.
-guitar and bass recorded in Richmond, VA by Alan Simpson.
-keys/sampling recorded by Keith Paul.
-mixed and mastered by Keith Paul

IRATA – Deluge

I AM THE LIQUOR – The Gallows
-7 Days Of Smoke