Monday’s episode, 2017 0821, with:

Get In The Car, Mylo Shift, Big No, Navi, Tavishi, Manzara, Dorthia Cottrell, Don Babylon, Barge, Graveside Breakfast, Zephyranthes.

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GET IN THE CAR – Gibbeting
-recorded by John Morand at Sound of Music

MYLO SHIFT – Rip Your Heart Out
-Super Secret Singles

BIG NO – Get Over Yourself
-Get Over Yourself
-Richmond (via San Fransisco)

NAVI – Flanajam
-Illuminavi II
-recorded at the Ward by Rick Olson

TAVISHI – Keu Kotha Rakhe NI (No One Kept Their Promises_
-May 2017

MANZARA – Dankee PeePaw
-The Hills Are Alive at the Sound of Music
-recorded live

-Dorthia Cottrell
-recorded and mixed by Dano Deckelman – Snake Oil Recording
-Forcefield Records (Richmond)

DON BABYLON – There Will Be Blood 2
-engineered & mixed by John Morand at Sound of Music Studios
-produced by Don Babylon and John Morand
-mastered by Bryan Walthal at Stereo Image

BARGE – Keep Your Money
-No Gain

GRAVESIDE BREAKFAST – Only a Gutsy Teenage Girl Can Save Us From the Oppressive Dystopia of the Future
-Gutsy Single

-Raleigh, NC
-March 2017