Crucial Rip – Forensick Malpractice – Force Fed Concrete

Mutually Assured Destruction – Hexer

Transylvania Stud – Dead and Bloated feat. Eddy Keyes

-(Nashville, from RVA)

FM Skyline – In the Clouds

Sam Valentine – Somewhere Golden

Tennishu – Heat To Drop – Heat To Drop

-(written on tour with Butcher Brown)

the Ar-Kaics – See the World on Fire – Chains



Burn The Priest – Bloodletting

Buzzov•en – Revelation- Sick Again – Symptom

Weedeater – Goliathan – Goliathan

-(Dave “Dixie” Collins from Buzzoven, started as a side project)

Gritter – Welcome to the sinkhole – Welcome to the sinkhole

Chalkline Beauty – Reversal of Death & Corruption

Deathcrown – Jackals – Jackals

Cut The Architect’s Hand – The Eternity Box – Contempt As A Weapon

Earthling – Dark Path – Dark Path

Erik Larson – Everything Breaks – A Drop In The Bucket

MENSREA – Twenty minutes til

Iron Reagan – Worse Than Dead – Slightly Out of Focus

Kepone – Virginia Creeper

Avail – Dixie – 25 Years

Mao Tse Helen – Circus Peanuts

RPG – Southern Girls

BREADWINNER – Turtlehead

DENALI – Surface

FARQUHAR – Mummy Wheat

Long Arms – Horsehead/Long Arms 45 – Crazy Bet

Suzy Saxon and the Anglos – King of the Hill

Waking Hours – Work It Out

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