New Sammi Lanzetta, new Camp Howard, Big Kahuna OG & Graymatter, Humungus, new Cannabis Corpse, Alluvion.

SAMMI LANZETTA – Nude Hugs, Love Keith
-Ceiling Mirror
-releases Nov 1
-pre-order now and Get “Titty Logic” and “Nude Hugs, Love Keith”
-6131 Records
Sammi Lanzetta - vocals, guitar
David Long - guitar
Justin Shear - bass
Austin Tekamp – drums
CAMP HOWARD –Don’t Say Shit You Don’t Mean
-releases Oct 18
BIG KAHUNA OG & GRAYMATTER – Shrimp Szechuan (E)
-Strainman Chronicles
released Aug 18 2019
HUMUNGUS – Warband
-released Oct 2015
new record “Balls” releases Oct 2010
Jack Bauer - Lead Vocals 
Peyton Gregory - Lead Guitar 
Joseph Granger - Guitar 
Wayne Pompey - Bass 
Robby Scarce - Drums 
Produced by Peyton Gregory // Mastered By Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering // Released by Killer Metal Records (Germany)
CANNABIS CORPSE – Cylinders of Madness
-Nug So Vile
releases Nov 1 2019
Season of Mist Records
- The Secret’s Out
-released Sept 6 2019