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River City Limits on WRIR 6-1-24 – Tribute to Local RVA Legend Bob Schick

Bob Schick Tribute:

DYNAMIC TRUTHS – Understanding Is Overrated – You Take It All

DYNAMIC TRUTHS – Understanding Is Overrated – Profit From Loss

Coral – Pillowtalk – Figure 8

Honor Role – So Anyway

New stuff – released in May

Butcher Brown – Secret House – Secret House

Destruct – Omnicide

Drook – America, My Window

Bats & Mice – worst time (single released in April, album in May)

Greg Garner – Lighthouse


BASK – Mush! Carry Me Home

Enforced – Kill Grid – Malignance

Valkyrie – Fear – Fear and Sacrifice

NIGHT BATTLES – Curse the Day

NIGHT BATTLES – Year Of No Days – Sub Rosa

addy – Garden Snake

Ant The Symbol – Names (feat. BlackLiq)

Big Fundamental – Killing Knife

Large Margin – Large Margin – Call Waiting

Chris Ratterree – Established in 1971 – Computers

Colin Phils – Trust-Fall – Trust-Fall

Benjamin Mauch – A Moment in Time that Always Happens – Self Preservation

Greg Garner – CH040- 20 Years of Cherub Records – Blob Factory

Ronan Chris Murphy – Horse, Zanthus! + – 02 Another Mother for Peace

Mark Stanley – WHAT – Hydroglyph

DJ HARRISON – TapeCookies2 – LaDeeDahDeeDah

Mister Earthbound – Hypnotic Rhythm – Hot Foot Powder

Night Idea – Ocho the Cat – Ocho

Night Idea – Riverless – Perfect Water

Humungus – Lightning City….


Playlist on WRIR
Studio B Bandcamp Collection
Studio B website

VO for the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers, in the style of another giant.

One day about a year ago the Steelers called.  That happens every day, right?

They asked if I’d be interested in voicing some in-stadium content.  Since then I’ve voiced a few productions for them that promote ticket sales for upcoming games.  When they called this year to see if I could voice a draft day promo in the style of the legendary John Facenda it didn’t seem real.  How many voice styles do people know?  Mel Blanc, Harry Kalas (another hero), Don LaFontaine, Paul Frees and a few others?  And John Facenda.  The voice of NFL Films.  “The frozen tundra of Lambau Field…”  Ya know?

This is by NO means an impression.  But his bold, loping, storytelling delivery informed the approach.  It’s an honor.  I can only hope they keep calling.  And thank you Mr. Facenda, for being one of the voices inside my childhood head.

River City Limits on WRIR 5-4-24



Crucial Rip – Forensick Malpractice – Force Fed Concrete

Mutually Assured Destruction – Hexer

Transylvania Stud – Dead and Bloated feat. Eddy Keyes

-(Nashville, from RVA)

FM Skyline – In the Clouds

Sam Valentine – Somewhere Golden

Tennishu – Heat To Drop – Heat To Drop

-(written on tour with Butcher Brown)

the Ar-Kaics – See the World on Fire – Chains



Burn The Priest – Bloodletting

Buzzov•en – Revelation- Sick Again – Symptom

Weedeater – Goliathan – Goliathan

-(Dave “Dixie” Collins from Buzzoven, started as a side project)

Gritter – Welcome to the sinkhole – Welcome to the sinkhole

Chalkline Beauty – Reversal of Death & Corruption

Deathcrown – Jackals – Jackals

Cut The Architect’s Hand – The Eternity Box – Contempt As A Weapon

Earthling – Dark Path – Dark Path

Erik Larson – Everything Breaks – A Drop In The Bucket

MENSREA – Twenty minutes til

Iron Reagan – Worse Than Dead – Slightly Out of Focus

Kepone – Virginia Creeper

Avail – Dixie – 25 Years

Mao Tse Helen – Circus Peanuts

RPG – Southern Girls

BREADWINNER – Turtlehead

DENALI – Surface

FARQUHAR – Mummy Wheat

Long Arms – Horsehead/Long Arms 45 – Crazy Bet

Suzy Saxon and the Anglos – King of the Hill

Waking Hours – Work It Out

StudioB RVA

Studio B Bandcamp collection

Good Eye Podcast – Megan Abbott – Holistic Wellness

Megan Abbott is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, and most recently a podcaster.  She recently released her new podcast “Trifecta Collective – Finding The Root with Megan and Shannon”.  Megan and Shannon’s description of the podcast is that they “dive deep into understanding and addressing root causes of chronic health issues, so you can find healing, inside and out, now, and forever.”

Megan and her practice Trifecta Collective is on the socials @trifectacollective. 

Trifecta Collective

Find out more about the podcast.

Good Eye Podcast

2024 Bike MS Colonial Crossroads

This is year #21 riding in Bike MS: Colonial Crossroads.  I started riding against MS as a way to contribute to the cause when a family friend was diagnosed with MS.  Since then, I’ve lead a team, ridden alone, ridden with my brother Jeff many of those years, and ridden with friends who have joined the cause for a year or two or even just once.  And it’s all been great.

We have a team again this year named after the fundraising ride we do in the fall to benefit the Forward Foundation in Richmond.  (The FF helps single parents in financial crisis).  It’s a different event, but we crossed the streams.  Our team is called Go Forward Cycling.

Click the banner below to sponsor me and feel free to contact me with any questions or if you’d like to help.  I can put you in touch with the organizers.  Thanks for your support!

River City Limits on WRIR 4-6-24

Playlist on WRIR’s website

Richmond music on WRIR every Saturday 5-7pm

New music:

Angélica Garcia – Juanita

Fidelity Jones – JOY

New Lions – Canada

Ohbliv – We Must Survive

Outer World – The Drum the Beat

the Ar-Kaics – Dawning

Suburban Key Party – The Wreckage

Bats & Mice – Worst Time

The Mitras – Red Rover


Prisoner – Flesh Dirge

Omen Stones – Fresh Hell

Enforced – Malignance

Book of Wyrms – Keinehora

Left Cross – Burning Raids

B4NK M4CHIN3 – Downtown Expressway

BUCKET – Time Anymore

Horsehead – Quitter

Paulo Franco – You Left Me Cold Roses

Deau Eyes – Make Some Time

Doll Baby – Treetops

Lean Year – The Trouble With Being Warm

Ward Harrison – Miranda

Shane Cooley – Black Moon

Sun Years – Teeth Like Stars

Large Margin – Executive’s Order

Piranha Rama – Golden Blues

Lance Koehler – Datura Summer

Colin Phils – Totokon (full version)

The illusion of the “self”, gratitude, and life as a voiceover artist – or anyone else.

Why the quotation marks in the title of this blog post?

Is the self an illusion or not?

Well, who’s asking?  Is it the self, or the concept of the self that harbors our identity (what it’s like to be human) within the sense of experience that we consider consciousness.  This is not some pseudo-intellectual musing, but rather a question based on seemingly empirical evidence of our existence.  We feel.  We see.  We eat.  We live.  We think.  Descartes said “Cogito, ergo sum”, or “I think, therefore I am.”  Is that enough?  Is it true?

We are complex animals with complex emotions and complex thoughts.  Those emotions and thoughts often rule our day-to-day experience.  They’re always with us because they reside within us.  They ride around with us constantly reminding us about our shortcomings, our fears, our inadequacies.  It’s only when we see them and shine a light on them that we can try to control our own inner narrative and realize that we are not every random thought that claws at us for attention like children at Grandma’s apron.  “Think ME!  Think ME!”  We have to remember to be positive.  We have to remember to tell ourselves that we are enough.  That’s not to say we’re all shrinking wallflowers afraid of our own shadows; quite the contrary .  We are an amazing species we humans.

Just look at how far we’ve come in such a short period of time.  We’ve only been around for a fraction of a fraction of a second, relatively speaking, when you consider the known universe is thought to be around 14 billion years old and the modern form of the human brain only developed about 100, 000 years ago with some sources saying it was more recent than that.  So that’s .0001 or 1 ten thousandth of a percentage point of the universal timeline that we’ve even possessed self-awareness.  And yet we exist in the time of flight, modern medicine and space travel.  But, we also exist on the time of modern warfare, weapons that can kill millions instantly, widespread famine and disease including some very aggressive and incurable forms of cancer that many believe have risen due to self-imposed factors such as pesticides and radiation, and, of course, reality tv.

We’re still very young as a species.  An experiment, some say.   And we’re still figuring this whole civilization thing out.

It’s all-to-easy to focus on the negative in every day life.  Especially since, thanks to to the very advances in technology and global communication we could  trumpet as miracles of modern living, we are constantly reminded of it via numerous windows and channels of information – social media, internet, tv, pop culture, etc.  Meditation is a vital practice for many in an attempt to take back control of our inner narrative and remind ourselves to catch our own thoughts in the act.   Our thoughts are always with us and not always acting in our best self-interest.  It’s important to observe those thoughts and look deeply into the story they are telling us while always remembering that the “they” IS “us”.

With so many thoughts, emotions, anxieties, hopes, dreams, delusions and possibly worst of all, comparisons rolling around in our very young monkey brains, and so many forms of input being laser-gunned and projected at us and fueling all that noise that shouldn’t be granted the power that it has over us, how are we supposed to know WHO or WHAT the hell we really are from moment to moment?  Well, we aren’t.  We don’t have to be just one thing.  We are all many, many things all at once.  And that’s ok.  And we need to feel ok with telling ourselves that it’s ok.  Experiment.  Try new things.  Explore.  Create.  Change jobs.  Ask questions.  Life is indeed short and experience is the stuff of life.  See those thoughts.  Then think the shit out of them so they can’t hide.  Then let them be on their way.   Which is not to say there is no accountability at all in a life and society where, suck as it might, currency smoothes out the edges.  Unless you wanna go all unabomber and live in a plywood shack or a treehouse, there is a price to be paid to participate in civilized society.  Follow your heart, but don’t follow a sovereign conspiracist into the wilderness.

In my day-to-day experience as a voice actor I feel a sense of gratitude to get to do what I do.  My travels have taken me through the worlds of broadcasting, advertising, copywriting, audio post production and sound design, video production, the nonprofit world, the cycling industry and a few others if you count the vocation potpourri that is the average assortment of college jobs.  I’ve gotten to try and do a lot of things, most of which have theme running through them.  That theme revolves around storytelling through the use of audio, sound, language and music – all things I absolutely love.  So for that I am truly grateful.  But as a voice actor – a passion AND a job that I embraced as a result of arriving at a confluence of all those things – I get to try on all sorts of different identities.  I get to be understated and overboard.  I get to be coy and obvious.  I get to be quiet and loud, Southern and Northern, shy and extroverted, the referencer and the expositor.  I get to see those thoughts hiding in the shadows, grab them firmly by their ears or lapels, roughly by their strong, weathered arms, or gently by their frail little hands, lead them into the light and put them to work and give them value.  And each time I do I learn a little more about them and a little more about myself.  But I always learn something new.  And each time I get to do that, whether it’s an audition, a spec read, a pro bono project or a national campaign, I get a little better at processing more of those levels of consciousness that make humans unique and the emotions that make them unpredictable.  There’s no bottom to the well and there’s no ceiling to the sky.  There’s always more to learn and understand and figure out.  How awesome is that?  It also makes me happy on a professional level because like anything else the more you do something with intention the better you get at it.  I feel a great responsibility to my clients as well as a great appreciation for them.  They put an incredible amount of trust in any creative when they entrust their vision to them.  It’s not to be taken lightly.  It’s not life-and-death.  We’re not doctors or scientists or astronauts or deep sea engineers.  But this is our space and we need to lean into it as anyone else does who’s doing a job and providing a service.  I’m just thankful that I get up every day excited about what the day may hold because it’s always different and it rarely reveals itself ahead of time.  Ironically, it’s not completely unlike chasing that dopamine hit while scrolling through social media.  The rush of curiosity and the unexpected keeps you coming back.  But when it comes to social media, the hit too often takes the form of anxiety and self-doubt.  Whereas when I fire up a Pro Tools session, get behind the mic, pop on to Source Connect and the client is waiting on the other end of the line and we breathe life into something that wasn’t there before based on one of those thoughts that demanded to be thought – it’s pretty wild.  I’m grateful for it.  And I think, no, I know that gratitude is a story I’ll keep telling myself.  Whatever, or whomever my “self” is.




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