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River City Limits on WRIR 3-2-24

Playlist and blog post on WRIR’s website

BANDCAMP page – nearly 100% of the music featured is purchased from the artists

NEW – released FEB. or JAN.
ASM (Anti-Christ Seige Machine) – Sisera
Inter Arma – New Heaven
DJ Harrison – L’Anthropofemme
Justin Golden – The Rain Done Fell on Me pt.1
doll baby – Treetops
Drook – Texas – Awful Stories
WKNDR – All In
Superchunk – Everybody Dies >break
Balter Choir – Leaves Falling
Butcher Brown – Down With The King
Dorthia Cottrell – Price to Prey
Midlife Pilot – Idle Themes
Stone Woman – Near Dark
Belly of the Heart – Texas Beach
Cupid McCoy – Summer Sweethearts
Dead Billionaires – Straight Shooter
DuctTape Jesus – Press On
Higley – 5 Minutes
Hotspit – Cave Dweller
Keep – Dasani Daydream
Love Roses – 15 Minutes
My Darling Fury – The End of The World
Noah-O x Big No – Uncle Phil
Righter – Bad Art
RIKKI RAKKI – Breaking Skin
Sun V Set – Curious Wave
Ten Pound Snail – House Mouse
MightyJoshua – CleanHands
Mister Earthbound – Animal
Municipal Waste – Wave of Death
THUNDERCHIEF – No Compromise
Ryan Kent – Bring Me My Monster (w- Jimmy Bower)
The Milkstains – Intimidator (You’re Dale to me)

Good Eye Podcast – David Robinson – StoryWork

David Robinson works with his clients to reveal the stories they are telling themselves. He says “our reality is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves on a regular basis.” Dave helps you take control of your internal narrative to take control of your life.

In this wide-ranging conversation Dave talks about his journey and everything from physical implications of storywork, epigenetics, resilience, meditation journaling, ice baths and more. And he’s offering free sessions to the first 3 people to respond by clicking the link below.

Free storywork session (click)

Dave’s website:

Good Eye Podcast

Good Eye Podcast – The Brass Ring Project’s Tom Leahy and Candice Suarez

Brass Ring Project co-founders Tom Leahy and Candice Suarez are lifelong education professionals and advocates. In this episode we talk about paths toward higher education and further training aside from higher education, ideal candidates, helping students and parents understand their options and much more.

The Brass Ring Project’s self-described mission is to help “students pave a path forward following high school that will enable them to thrive in work that fits their unique abilities, personality and interests. We believe that all students should have access to professionals who can guide them through the process of determining their future path and assist in navigating the daunting higher education landscape. The Brass Ring Project wants to help level the playing field.”

About Tom and Candice

The Brass Ring Project (non-profit)

Optimum Ed (college consulting, counseling and assistance services)

Good Eye Podcast

River City Limits on WRIR 9-2-23

WRIR’s website – playlist post





Fuzzy Prophet (Greg Garner and Steve Dingus) – Mass EvoluIon (and hidden track)
Released 9-1-23 NEW

Landon Elliott – Strangers
Live at Poe’s Pub
Released 9-1-23 NEW

Neatly Drawn Blinds (Nathan Burns) – Compass
The Things Before and After Me NEW

Dorthia Cottrell – Black Canyon
Death Folk Country

Dorthia Cottrell – Vessel

Ohbliv – My Freaky Thing
Released 9-1-23 NEW

Jeremy D Simmons – The Influence (Get Off You Phone)
The Song Machine Demos – NEW

Book of Wyrms – Blacklight Warpriest
Released Aug 23 NEW

Spirit of the Beehive – Tapeworm
I’m So Lucky
Released 9-1-23 NEW

Butcher Brown – I Can Say To You
Solar Music
Due out Oct 6

Smalltown Superstar – September 2
Lanes 23 and 24

Dirtball – Whiskey Go Away
The Well

BEEX – What I Am

GWAR – Maggots
Scumdogs of the Universe

Chris Ratteree – Computers
Established 1971

Hotspit – Epitaph

Tennishu – Fun Music

I Am The Liquor – Confide In Me

Murdersome – Smoke and Mirrors

Thunderchief – Night Songs

The Mitras – 19999

Toward Space – Pity Party

Weekend Plans – Slide

Ringfinger – Typewriter Tourist

Seasick Gladiator – The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man


Good Eye Podcast – Unitive Justice – Sylvia Clute and Sara Daves

Sylvia Clute is a self-described “legal system innovator” and “social justice change agent”.  Her bona fides and honors are extensive.  She is the author of several books.  Her new book “Unitive Justice – “Bending the Arc of Justice Towards Love” – is due out soon.  She has made it her life’s mission to push for a shift from a punitive justice system to a unitive one.  She is leading the first Unitive Justice International Conference October, 2 – 4, 2023 in Richmond, Va.

Sara Daves is a manifest and purpose coach and author who was determined to find her path and purpose after the loss of her son.  She witnessed a broken justice system first hand when her son Trey was forced to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit only to pass away just six weeks after his release.  Sara committed herself to “helping others learn to create strong, loving relationships with themselves and reclaim their lives from trauma and the broken social systems that perpetuate painful cycles.”

Our conversation ranges from defining unitive justice, how and why it works, a for-profit prison system that perpetuates itself, and Sara’s work in Uganda where she helped build the first unitive justice school named after her son, Trey.

Sylvia Clute
Sara Daves
Unitive Justice International Conference
Alliance For Unitive Justice
Good Eye Podcast

A brief description of unitive justice vs. punitive justice:

Unitive justice and punitive justice are two distinct approaches to the concept of justice, each with its own principles and goals.

Unitive justice, also known as restorative justice focuses on repairing the harm caused by a wrongdoing and restoring relationships between individuals or communities. The primary emphasis is on healing, reconciliation, and addressing the underlying causes of the conflict or harm. Unitive justice seeks to involve all stakeholders, including the victim, offender, and community, in a collaborative process to find solutions that address the harm and prevent future incidents.

Punitive justice, also known as retributive justice, is the traditional approach to justice that focuses on punishing offenders for their wrongdoing as a means of retribution and deterrence. The primary goal of punitive justice is to impose penalties that are proportionate to the offense committed, with the intention of providing a sense of justice to victims and deterring potential offenders.

Unitive justice prioritizes healing, reconciliation, and the restoration of relationships, whereas punitive justice emphasizes punishment as a means of retribution and deterrence.

River City Limits On WRIR – 8-5-23


Toward Space – All Night Long NEW
Bucket – World Tuned Upside Down
Midlife Pilot – Telepathic
Mr Earthbound – Animal
Strawberry Moon – Grew This Way
Sammi Lanzetta – The Villain
Doll Baby – Perfect Posture
Deathbirds Surf Club – Summer
Rough Age – Every Minute, Every Mile
Toxic Moxie – Creation Limitation
Toxic Moxie – Bratcore (VCR cover)
Ant The Symbol (feat Black Liq) – Names
Armagideon Time – Foxed In The Head (edit)
Large Margin – Smothered and Covered
Angelica Garcia – Macorina
Heath Haynes – Whole Entire World
Erik Larson – Cry In The Wind
Caro – Alright, You Win From My Room
DUST – Je Ne Sais Quoi
Elabor – The Tree That Bleeds NEW
Mighty Joshua – Clean Hands
Moossa – Ballast
Helgamite – Aestrosion
Horsehead – Grains of Sand
Sports Bar – Cut The Cord
Lean Year – The Trouble With Being Warm
Book of Wyrms – Sodapop Glacier

Good Eye Podcast – RJ Zimmerman – Untapped Keg Podcast

RJ Zimmerman has been sober from alcohol, drugs, gambling and other addictive substances and activities for 8 years.  He started the “Untapped Keg” podcast to address and create a community of people who are trying to life a fuller life without the barriers that certain substances and activities can create.  But also included in that community are people who want others to live according to what is best for them and choose to indulge in certain substances and activities within reason and responsibly.  He talks about a culture that all but requires people to partake lest they suffer exclusion and how it makes living a sober life by choice that much more difficult.  He talks about the importance of connection with one’s self as well as family and friends.

Untapped Keg website

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On YouTube

Good Eye Podcast

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