Below is the playlist from my hosting WRIR’s local music show “River City Limits” on Saturday night, June 24.

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Bad Magic – Hate It
-Harsh Surrender

Black Girls – Club Banging
-Black Girls
The Diamond Center – Bombay Beach
-My Only Companion

Flo Morrisey Matthew E White – Sunday Morning
-Gentlewoman Ruby Man

MOOSSA – Nothing But A Name
-Right Way ‘Round

The Atkinsons – No Ordinary Home
-Mile Marker

Canary Oh Canary – Dreamshark

The Charles Ownes Trio – Caravan
-A Day With Us

Antiphons – Groan/Weekends

Bermuda Triangles – City Of Gold
-City of Gold

Dorthia Cottrell – Cemetery Song
-Dorthia Cottrell

Cough – Crippled Wizard
-Ritual Abuse

Windhand – Orchard

Imaginary Sons – Transmissions From A Dead Star
-Don’t Impress Me

My Darling Fury – The End of The World
-Licking Wounds

The Droopies – Power Of Suggestion

League of Space Pirates – Love My Way

Farquhar – Transmit
-Meadow Full Of Serpents

Frog Legs – Human Cannonball
-Midnight Radio

Horsehead – Emptiest Arms In The World
-Sympathetic Vibrations

Lightfields – Heart Attack Heather

Manatee – Invisible Egg

Hoax Hunters – Pictures Of Rhythm

Those Manic Seas – Firecracker