Some days you’re scared. Some, you’re motivated. Some happy. Some sad. And some days you’re met with feelings in yourself you can’t put into words. Today has found me confused, mournful, but unexpectedly inspired. Inspired to mindfully embrace life with responsibility. Inspired to practice gratitude for the breaths I get to take and the people I get to love and appreciate. Think of those you love who are no longer here. Reach out to those who are. Let them know they are loved. Be inspired for and by them. Difficult times seem to arrive empty handed, intent only on wrenching joy from your grasp. But they can come bearing opportunities for understanding and gratitude. They arrive with a heavy price, often unseen, even denied in the shadow of the monolithic opacity of grief. Rest In Peace, departed friends and loved ones. Go in Peace, those charged with mourning them. Thank you all for your inspiration.