Gold Connections, CGI Jesus, Vanilla Summit (feat. McKinley Dixon), Wabeya, Tavishi, Sam Reed, Charmer, Ostraca, Thunderchief.

-Popular Fiction
-Egghunt Records (RVA label)
-full-length pre-order available now
-recorded at Fedelitorium Recordings, NC, and Arbor Ridge Studios, NC
-engineered by Jeff Crawford, mastered by Jim Demain
Southern Café and Music Hall, Charlottesville May 11
-The Camel June 15: (no Facebook event yet)

CGI JESUS – Jazz Agro
-Jazz Music Stops (live at Crystal Palace)

VANILLA SUMMIT – Sheelob (feat. McKinley Dixon)
Green Session EP
-feat McKinley Dixon
at On The Rox 4-2

WABEYA – Boundless In Dreaming
-Industrial Deconstruction
-released Jan 2016

TAVISHI – Keu Kotha Rakhe NI (No One Kept Their Promises)
-May 2017
100% of tape proceeds benefits Virginia Anti-Violence Project

SAM REED – True Value
-This Is Love
-Jellowstone Records

CHARMER – Fist and Tooth
Charmer/Amara split
-engineered/mixed by Kyle Atkins at Greyskull Studios
-released August 2017
Strange Matter 4-23: Charmer, Ostraca, Au Revoir, Shy Low

OSTRACA – Worn Away
-released May 2017
-recorded by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage Recording
Strange Matter 4-23: Charmer, Ostraca, Au Revoir, Shy Low

gearing up for tour May 3-12, hitting Wonderland on May 9 with Monte Luna and Cursus from TX