StudioB 2017 1109 Thursday, with:

Dead Frog, The Moonbees, Zombietron, Paulo Franco, June Parker, Kelli Strawbridge, Space Wizard, Demon Eye, Appalling.

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Playlist and notes:

DEAD FROG – My Girl (Turpentine)
-Russell Lacy, Raphael Katchinoff, Andrew Carper (Reggie Chapman on harmonica)
-recorded at Virginia Moonwalker
-mixed mastered at Montrose

THE MOONBEES – Clawing At The Cloud
-Don’t Get Angry At The Dishes
-released December 20, 2016
-Recorded by Lance Koehler @ Minimum Wage Recording
-Mixed by Clifton McDaniel @ New Dirt Studios RVA
-Mastered by Lance Koehler.

-The Adventures of Zombietron
Aunt Mary Records (Charlottesvile)
-recorded at Aunt Mary Studios
-bass and guitar by Clifton McDaniel (Ilad, The Moonbees)
-sax by Jason Scott
-mastered by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage Recording

PAULO FRANCO (and The Freightliners) – Catrina Y Su Calavera
-The Last Card
-Produced, Engineered, Mastered by Bob Rupe at P&P Sound Studio, Richmond, VA
– iTunes and

JUNE PARKER – Throw It All Away
2 song single: Throw It All Away/Slow
formerly known as California Death)

-released May 9, 2017
-Produced by KS
-Mixed & Mastered by Bryan Walthall
-associations: Kings, The Big Payback, Jellowstone Records
RVAmag article from May

SPACE WIZARD – Immortal King
-Volume One
playing with Demon Eye (who recently played at Strange Matter with Roy Batty) in Charlotte Dec 1

DEMON EYE – Poison Garden
-Tempora Infernalia
-Raleigh NC

APPALLING – On The Backs of Horses
-Secrets of the Adept
-released May 2017