StudioB 2017 1106 Monday, with:

Murphy’s Kids, Sammi Lanzetta, Antiphons, Prayer Group, Mylo Shift, Hoax Hunters, The J.O.B., Alluvion, Long Claw.

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MURPHY’S KIDS – Guernica
-Time Dilation
-produced by Bryan Walthall at The Ward
-released July 2017
intro features Charlie Chaplin’s speech from “The Great Dictator”

-For Avery
-recently signed to 6131 Records

ANTIPHONS – Benadryl 
-new single
-streaming on Soundcloud

-recorded at Sound of Music by Jud Mason

MYLO SHIFT – Party Poopers
-Super Secret Singles

-PJ Sykes, Ben Nicastro, Lance Koehler (drums)..
-and the perSisters on backup vocals – “a speech language pathologist, a member of the local Jewish community, and a recent naturalized citizen”
-recorded at Minimum Wage Recording and Cherub Hill Studios

THE J.O.B. – The Journey
-recorded live in the band’s rehearsal space
-studio version appears on their album “231” – concept album about a train that gets stuck in a tunnel in Church Hill when it collapses, they wall it off and entomb the dead who are still on the train and the train is still stuck there
-recorded and mixed by Michael Hegner

ALLUVION – Fight Real Fires
…Of The One Consciousness
recently released video

LONG CLAW – March of the Trolls
-Sean Briney from Richmond (Atomizer)
-recently toured with Elisium (Fredericksburg)
new video