Tom Leahy started the Beacon Tree Foundation as a result of his own family’s challenges presented by mental illness in the form of clinical depression. Beacon Tree’s mission is to be an advocate for families who have children struggling with mental illness by focusing on education, access to services, and the ability to pay for those services.

The 9th Annual Trees of Hope event is Beacon Tree Foundation’s annual children’s mental health awareness event, and the foundation’s major awareness event each year. This program of youth musical performances and reflections on the issue of mental illness, will be held virtually on Thursday, May 6th, 2021, 6:30 pm via FaceBook Live.

The program will feature local youth musicians and a variety of speakers, bringing together young people, professionals and parents of children struggling with mental illness. Designed to nurture support, marshal resources and provide fellowship, partner organizations and supporting members of the community are encouraged to attend.