Once upon a time I had a podcast. It featured good people doing good stuff. It focused on wellness, mindfulness practices, health, creativity and other interesting topics. I’d invite smart, interesting people in to ask them questions so I could steal their knowledge and share it with you, the listener. The original name was a little to similar to another entity so I renamed the podcast and relaunched it as “The Good Eye Podcast“. The podcast and an accompanying Facebook page is live. Look for Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with the handle @goodeyepodcast and a website for notes and other content at goodeyepodcast.com. The first new episode is about this year’s Bike MS: Colonial Crossroads event to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It follows my brother and me as we participate in the MS Ride from Richmond, Va to Williamsburg, Va and back. Check it out! And feel free to submit topic and guest ideas via the Facebook page. Thanks! -Jay