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Get In The Herd Podcast & Video Series – McShin Foundation

The McShin Foundation is a nationally-recognized voice and invaluable resource when it comes to advocating for addiction and recovery.  If you or someone you know and love is struggling with addiction check out their many programs and resources such as their “Get In The Herd” podcast and video series.  Sometimes just knowing there are people going through what you are going through can be the first step toward recovery.  Here you’ll find open, honest conversations with folks in the substance use disorder community.

Source: Get In The Herd Podcast & Video Series – McShin Foundation

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Good Eye Podcast Ep40 Dr. Denise Foster – Cannabis and CBD

Dr. Denise Foster is the owner of Hemp Haven and Empirical Cannabis in Chesapeake, Va.  She has acted as the Regional Director of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, where she served as Secretary and chaired the Education & Research Committee and Social Media & Communications Committee.  She received her PhD from Regent University and her MSN from Old Dominion University and has been a Professor of Nursing at several colleges and universities.  She also practiced nursing as a Home Health & Palliative Care RN for an area health agency. She has been practicing as a nurse in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia for 35 years. She has presented educational seminars on medicinal cannabis to local community groups, health care professionals, and national nursing conferences.

Hemp Haven
Empirical Cannabis
American Cannabis Nurses Association
American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

Good Eye Podcast


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Five Rings Financial Leadership Podcast: Meeting After The Meeting

I’ve been working with the awesome Mary Fisher of Five Rings Financial to produce this podcast series.  Mary wanted to shine a light on some of the dynamic people she works with on the 5RF team.  She also wanted to provide hope to professionals considering a career change.  A lot of good people have had to confront circumstances that they never expected and Mary and her team want them to know that opportunities are out there.

Click to listen: Five Rings Financial Leadership Podcast: Meeting After The Meeting

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Synapse Hubcast – SmackSound

All episodes of the Synapse Hubcast are now available to stream or download via the SmackSound website. I love working with Synapse to produce and host this series of covnversations.

Source: Synapse Hubcast – SmackSound

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Good Eye Podcast Ep36 Mark Bowers – PDCHR

Mark Bowers heads the PDCHR, the Professional Development Consortium of Hampton Roads.  The PDCHR partners with educational organizations to help them brand and market themselves.  He’s a retired Navy submarine officer, spent ten years in Washington DC in the defense sector and consults with non-profits.  He’s also a transplant patient, preparing for a kidney transplant.  He shares perspective on his missions and experiences on this episode of the Good Eye Podcast.  

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