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To be or not to be? Matter vs. antimatter

In Stanislaw Lem’s classic sci-fi/philosophy novel “Solaris”, scientists on a space station studying the titular planet receive “visitors”. The sub-atomic particles neutrinos are mentioned and theories are postulated (sorry so vague, no spoilers). It all invites many rabbit hole dives into the nature of the mind (the human one), perception and the matter/antimatter relationship. How can they co-exist? Technically, they can’t, but this video talks about the notion that matter gained an edge when this nutty ol’ universe was but a wee toddler. Check it out. And happy rabbit holing.

Stanislaw Lem on Wikipedia

Solaris on Good Reads

Solaris on Amazon

Video: Go Forward Team Ride

The 2021 Go Forward Team Ride to benefit the Forward Foundation is in the books.  We had great weather with lots of families on-site during the ride.  The 50-mile ride itself went smoothly.  No incidents, crashes or punctures – all-in-all a picture perfect day for cycling.  Huge thanks and gratitude to everyone that came out to support the Forward Foundation.  There was a 20-miler, a 10-miler and kids’ ride and lots of fun, food and activities at Dorey Park this weekend.  Please consider making a donation in support of this great organization led my Executive Director and CEO Andrea Starr.  They work tirelessly to provide support and resources to single parents in financial crisis.   See you next year!

Forward Foundation

Watch clips from the ride:

If you’re on the activity tracking platform Strava you can check out the ride here:

From The Booth – David Whyte – Friendship

“All friendships of any length are based on a continued, mutual forgiveness. Without tolerance and mercy all friendships die.”
-David Whyte, poet and philosopher from Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

The book is available on his website:

Also available on Amazon.

David Whyte’s conversation with Sam Harris on Sam’s podcast “Making Sense”

C.S. Lewis said of friendship that it is “one of those things which gives value to survival.”

Full passage:
“FRIENDSHIP is a mirror to presence and a testament to forgiveness. Friendship not only helps us see ourselves through another’s eyes, but can be sustained over the years only with someone who has repeatedly forgiven us for our trespasses as we must find it in ourselves to forgive them in turn. A friend knows our difficulties and shadows and remains in sight, a companion to our vulnerabilities more than our triumphs, when we are under the strange illusion we do not need them. An undercurrent of real friendship is a blessing exactly because its elemental form is rediscovered again and again through understanding and mercy. All friendships of any length are based on a continued, mutual forgiveness. Without tolerance and mercy all friendships die.”

UPDATE – Go Forward Team Ride and Tour de Midnight

The Go Forward Team Ride and the Tour de Midnight have joined forces. Ride the Go Forward Team Ride this Saturday and you’ll receive a code to ride Tour de Midnight at a discount.
The 2nd Annual GO FORWARD Team Ride to benefit the Forward Foundation is this Saturday Sept 18 from Dorey Park
The Tour de Midnight to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia is Saturday Oct 16 from Midnight Brewery
REGISTER HERE, for the Go Forward Team Ride or click the link above.


Good Eye Podcast – Pete Cann, The Laughter Man – Laughter Yoga

Pete Cann the Laughter man is many things including a laughter yoga facilitator, a motivational speaker, an award-winning business owner and podcaster.  He works with individuals, groups, organizations and businesses to guide people through the process of practicing laughter to foster positivity, lower stress and improve focus, productivity and feelings of well-being.

Good Eye Podcast – Lisa Michelle Smith – Master Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach

Lisa Smith knows a lot about helping people with their obstacles.  Whether she approaches helping her clients via a number of methods including hypnotherapy, needless acupuncture, spiritual healing, mind training and neurolinguistic deprogramming.  In her own words, “almost always the roots of a given problem are a set of beliefs formed early in life. This process literally un-wires these beliefs for good.”

Good Eye Podcast Ep54 – Ryan Kent – Poet, Writer, Vocalist

Ryan Kent is a published poet, writer and former vocalist for the band Gritter.  His poetry collections include “Hit Me When I’m Pretty”, “This Is Why I Am Insane” and “Poems For Dead People” and “Tomorrow Ruined Today” – a collaboration with his Dead Books Publishing co-owner Brett Lloyd.  Gritter releases on which he is lead vocalist include “Welcome To The Sinkhole”, “Nobody Cares”  and a self-titled EP when they were known as “Rube”.  He’s currently working on several projects performing spoken word readings of his work with musical accompaniment.

Ryan Kent on Instagram

Gritter on Bandcamp

Good Eye Podcast


Joel Morgan’s “Dropping Keys” Podcast

Joel Morgan has been a guest on my Good Eye Podcast.  So when he asked me to join him for a conversation on his Dropping Keys podcast I jumped at the chance.  Joel is a life coach, an author, a pastor, and podcaster, and he, like many of us (ALL of us), has been through his share of challenges.

Joel makes sense for a living.  He might fight you on that because that’s the kind of guy he is.  But every conversation with Joel is thoughtful, insightful, honest and fun.

Learn more about Joel here.

His podcast is available everywhere.

Thank you, all, for teaching me gratitude.

Some days you’re scared. Some, you’re motivated. Some happy. Some sad. And some days you’re met with feelings in yourself you can’t put into words. Today has found me confused, mournful, but unexpectedly inspired. Inspired to mindfully embrace life with responsibility. Inspired to practice gratitude for the breaths I get to take and the people I get to love and appreciate. Think of those you love who are no longer here. Reach out to those who are. Let them know they are loved. Be inspired for and by them. Difficult times seem to arrive empty handed, intent only on wrenching joy from your grasp. But they can come bearing opportunities for understanding and gratitude. They arrive with a heavy price, often unseen, even denied in the shadow of the monolithic opacity of grief. Rest In Peace, departed friends and loved ones. Go in Peace, those charged with mourning them. Thank you all for your inspiration.

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