Date: October 21, 2020

Voiceover For Cybersecurity Explainer Video

One reason I love being a voice actor is that you come in contact with so many interesting people and subjects.  You get to learn so much about stuff you might not otherwise.  Synack is a world leader in cybersecurity.  In order to be the best at what they do they send their professional hackers that look for vulnerabilities in their software to hacking competitions around the world.  They want only the best on their team.  I didn’t even know that was a thing!

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Go Forward Team Ride This Saturday Oct 24

The Go Forward Team Ride to benefit the Forward Foundation is this Saturday October 24.  The team will ride from Bryan Park in Richmond to Ashland, around Ashland back for a total of 50 miles.  If people would rather not do the ride they can still help by doing an activity on their own or with friends and getting sponsorships or donations.  Get more info on registration, sponsorships and donations at

More info and links.

Forward Foundation CEO Andrea Starr on the Good Eye Podcast

Go Forward Team Ride Course Map and Info

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