Manatree, The Trillions, New Lions (formerly Clair Morgan), Hoax Hunters, Love Roses, Haircut, Stray Fossa, Gumming, Minimum Balance.


MANATREE – Too Close To The Fire
-July 2018
-release show tonight at Strange Matter with Manatree, The Trillions, and New Lions (formerly Clair Morgan).

TRILLIONS (RVA) – Blessing In Disguise

NEW LIONS (RVA, fka Clair Morgan) – Rogue Island
-New Lions and the Not Good Night

HOAX HUNTERS – Teenage Massage
-drums and bass recorded at Blue Goo Studios by Greg Garner
-guitars and vocals recorded at Cherub Hil in RVA by PJ Sykes
-mastered by Allen Bergendahl
-LAST SHOW at Plan 9 in Carytown next Saturday July 21 at 1pm

LOVE ROSES – Let’s Rob A Grave
-What Doesn’t Thrill You
-full-length available Spring 2018
recorded at Minimum Wage Recording by Lance Koehler
Kill The Clock, Figure Eight, Stereo-Types, The Sugar Lips, Love Roses at The Camel, Wed Jul 18 9 PM · The Camel

HAIRCUT – Boys Club
-Shutting Down
-released December 2017
-JUL 14, SAT: The Bills / Haircut / Sensual World
11 PM · Little Saint

STRAY FOSSA – Bear The Waves
-released July 8 2018
-JUL14, SAT: Night Idea at The Camel w/ Colin Phils, Stray Fossa, and Minimum Balance

GUMMING – Lockjaw
-Human Values
-released 3-24-18
-recorded and mixed by Bob Quirk
7/14 Night Birds/Dark Thoughts/Gumming/Scarecrow/TMO (Talk Me Off)
7 PM · Gallery5

-Minimum Balance
-released Jan 2018