Marcus Tenney, Gabe Churray, Saw Black, Boom, Sau, The North Country, Supression, Eldritch, American.

MARCUS TENNEY – Straight and Narrow
-Trap Kit
-produced, engineered, written and arranged by Marcus Tenney

GABE CHURRAY – Bird Battery
Pilates for Birds
-released Nov 17 2017
-associations: Ilad, Snow Panda, others

SAW BLACK – Water Tower
-releases May 18 2018
-video – YouTube

BOOM – Haitian Voodoo
-players include: Pippin Barnett, Jim Thomson, Greg Labudde, Jim Willis
latest release: Lyrebird
-Anthony Curtis playing StudioB Live at Red Amp on an upcoming episode

SAU – Last American Virgin
-Eggs, Crime and Milk

THE NORTH COUNTRY – E-Meditation (Forever, Forever)
In Defense of Cosmic Altruism

-Placebo Reality
-Chaotic Noise Productions
-released May 16, 2018

ELDRITCH – Dimension Gate
-Crafting A Portal to The Unspeakable Realm
-May 2017
-recorded at The Ward

AMERICAN – Ritual Suicide
Coping With Loss
-latest: Violate and Control