Clair Morgan, Buck Gooter, Scott Brookman, Big No, Get in The Car, Smoke Break, Don Babylon, Transylvania Stud, Buzzard Dust.

BIG NO – Get Over Yourself
-Get Over Yourself
-Richmond (via San Fransisco)

GET IN THE CAR – Gibbeting
-recorded by John Morand at Sound of Music

-Everything Is Wrong
-released Aug 14, 2016
-Bad Note Records
-recorded by Chris Compton at Etching Tin Studios

DON BABYLON – There Will Be Blood 2
-engineered & mixed by John Morand at Sound of Music Studios
-produced by Don Babylon and John Morand
-mastered by Bryan Walthal at Stereo Image

-The Red Queen (Deluxe release only)
-Trancending Records

BUZZARD DUST – Home Pharmacy
-Buzzard Dust
-released Oct 13 2017
-recorded at The Ward by Ricky Olsen and The Gossip Factory by Hunter Christy
-physical copies available from Forcefield Records