StudioB 2018 0319 Monday with:

Camp Howard, Mercy Creek, Feral Conservatives, Ladygod, Bungees, Radar’s Clowns of Sedation, 3:33, U.S. Bastards, Earthling

CAMP HOWARD – Wasteland
Camp Howard
-March 2016
-recorded at Virginia Moonwalker with Russell Lacy
-mixed by Bryan Walthall at Stereo Image
-mastered by Allen Bergendahl

MERCY CREEK – Beat Up Truck
-Back Home
-Jim (drums) and Cheryl (guitar and voc)
-Northern Neck
-been touring and recording for years

-Better Lives
-recorded at Earthsound Recording – Chesapeake VA
-Egghunt Records (RVA)

LADYGOD – Witch Hunt
Rock N Roll Kaliphate
-released Oct 2017
-live in-studio on WRIR‘s River City Limits this Saturday 3-24
Sunday 3/25 with Boytoy (nyc) at Hardywood
-promoting vinyl release of Rock N Roll Kaliphate
-mixed at Montrose Recording, Richmond

BUNGEES – An Occurance of One
-An Occurance of One
-iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.

RADAR’S CLOWNS OF SEDATION – As If To Pray’s Clowns of Sedation
-Pete Pawsey – English singer/songwriter based in Durham NC
-A couple of solo vids from a radio session:
Old Crow
The Word
– at Garden Grove Brewery in Carytown on Thursday March 22nd

3:33 – War On!
-released December 2017
-recorded by Kyle Atkins at Greyskull Studio, RVA

U.S. BASTARDS – Darkness
-Out of Luck
-May 2015
-recorded at Slave Pit Studios and The Ward

EARTHLING – Spinning Void
-Spinning In The Void
-Forcefield Records
-July 2017
Champion Brewing this Sat March 24: Incantation (PA), Genocide Pact (DC), Earthling, Voarm (RVA)