StudioB 2017 1030 Monday, with:

Ladygod, Feral Conservatives, Blush Face, The Bronzed Chorus, Hellbear, Helgamite, Lenny, The North Country, THRE3.

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LADYGOD – Witchhunt
-Rock n Roll Kaliphate
-released Oct 26. 2017
-record in “Ladygod country, MD”
-mixed at Montrose Recording
-Ladygod is Skye Handler, Kelly Queener, Nicky Michon, Seth Petersen, & Lamar Moore. Featuring additional players Joe Lunsford & Kyle Vanderkerkoff

-Better Lives
-releases No3, pre-order available now
-recorded at Earthsound Recording – Chesapeake VA
Egghunt Records (RVA)

BLUSH FACE – Home Electric
-What Do You Want?
-released Sept23 3017
-recorded at Virginia Moonwalker by Russell Lacy and Tim Falen
-mixed by Tim Falen
-mastered by Allen Bergendahl
at Gallery 5 Nov 11: Happy Abandon, The North Country, Blush Face

-Yearling 7”
-released Oct 27, 2017
-Greensboro, NC
-release party in Greensboro over the weekend
-recorded at Espresso Machine (Athens, GA), by Mike Albanese and The Bronzed Chorus
-mixed by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business (Greensboro)

HELLBEAR – In Sand We Sit

HELGAMITE – AEstrosion
-released March 2016
-Luray, VA
-recorded at Summit Sound Recording

LENNY – Been Mistaken
-available via iTunes, Amazon
-Paul Pearce from Vexine on guitar

THE NORTH COUNTRY – E-Meditation (Forever, Forever)
-In Defense of Cosmic Altruism
at Gallery 5 Nov 11: Happy Abandon, The North Country, Blush Face

THRE3 – Wallflower
-recording with Eddie Payne at the Sound Garage