Thursday’s episode, 2017 0810 features:

Washers, Flight Club, Hoax Hunters, Murphy’s Kids, Chrome Daddy Disco, Big Baby, Blanks, Sid Kingsley, Earthling, Navaeh.

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-The Things We Do
-August 2017
-Stu Holt, Joel Alford, Brad Perry
-recorded at the Bike Lot by Stu Holt and Washers
-mastered by Ricky Olson at The Ward

FLIGHT CLUB – Fifty Shades of Fine (E)
-Kinda Funny
-produced by Alan Day
-recorded by Michael Harmon at Wachusett Recording Co.
-June 2017

-PJ Sykes, Ben Nicastro, Lance Koehler (drums)..
-and the perSisters on backup vocals – “a speech language pathologist, a member of the local Jewish community, and a recent naturalized citizen”
-additional backup vocals by Jeff Roop recorded in “an undisclosed location near St Louis, MO”
-recorded at Minimum Wage Recording and Cherub Hill Studios

MURPHY’S KIDS – Underhanded Motherfucker

CHROME DADDY DISCO – Long Lonely Highway
-Love Lies and Larceny
-recorded at Sound of Music by John Morand

BIG BABY – Not That
-Sour Patch EP
-recorded at Egg Hunt Records by Landis Wine

BLANKS – Main Drag
-Main Drag
-recorded at The Rug Boy Chateau in Blacksburg Va and Sound Of Music Studios in Richmond
-July 2017

SID KINGSLEY – Good Way Home
-Good Way Home
-produced, recored, mixed by Scott Lane
-mastered by Mark Fuller
-at The Broadberry Aug 19 and 30th with Big Mama Shakes
-with: Sid Kingsley – vocals, piano, saxophone, Scott Lane – bass, drums, keyboards, guitar, percussion, vocals, Nate Cowing – drums, Kenneka Cook – vocals, Marcus Tenney – trumpet, saxophone, Andrew Carper – bass (track 5), Duncan Wickel – violin, viola, cello (track 1)

EARTHLING – Spinning Void
-Spinning In The Void
-Forcefield Records
-July 2017

NAVAEH – Follow The Leader
-August 2017