I just started reading Steve Lukather’s book “The Gospel According To Luke” and it’s already incredibly interesting. Luke is the guitarist for Toto and, along with his bandmates in Toto, has been a top tier go-to session musician for over 40 years. Whether you like (or admit to liking) Toto or not, musicians around the world have always loved Luke. His solos are melodic, smart, smooth, original and perfect. He and his session cat bandmates were basically the backing band on Michael Jackson’s Thriller and collectively have played on over 5,000 recordings since the mid-70’s. The original Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro is one of my all-time favorite drummers. His touch, taste, groove and musicality is unrivaled. I just love studio musicians and their versatility and chops. I can listen to a song I don’t even like just to hear how studio musicians I admire approach the song. And often, I’ll end up liking the song based on who’s playing on it. The stories in this book will undoubtedly be a numerous as the number of records he’s played on. I’m really looking forward to this one.

From Steve Lukather’s website: https://www.stevelukather.com/music/discography/2018/the-gospel-according-to-luke.aspx?ref=/