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Voiceover for Ford Bronco: Birth of An Icon

I drove Ford trucks for years while I was in high school and college.  Life and responsibility dictated that I transition into passenger cars that could accommodate a car seat for babies and little kids.  A Bronco could have served both purposes.  It was a blast working on this voiceover project for Ford as they re-introduce the iconic Bronco with the help of none other than Jay Leno.  The segment I voiced is at 6:24.

Production Tip – Renaming Regions In Pro Tools (VIDEO)

Today’s production tip is for renaming regions in Pro Tools using keyboard shortcuts and what to do if at first the shortcut doesn’t respond.  There’s always a reason for little things like this.  I recently set up a new computer and all my settings were wiped out, and I’m still finding little gremlins in my workflow.  Been there?  Thought so.

Voiceover For Cybersecurity Explainer Video

One reason I love being a voice actor is that you come in contact with so many interesting people and subjects.  You get to learn so much about stuff you might not otherwise.  Synack is a world leader in cybersecurity.  In order to be the best at what they do they send their professional hackers that look for vulnerabilities in their software to hacking competitions around the world.  They want only the best on their team.  I didn’t even know that was a thing!

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