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Golden Retriever Puppy + Snow = Happy

Wanna take a break from stress and anxiety and an all-too-often sour news cycle?  I’ve got just the thing.  During a recent snowstorm I took our 6-month old Golden puppy, Frankie, to play in the snow.  She loved it.  Please excuse the portrait orientation of the video.  I had heavy gloves on and it was easier to manipulate the camera/phone that way.


I voiced this trailer for an Amazon Video apocalypse flick called “The Last” a while ago.  So it’s, you know, FUN!  Just recently heard back from the client that it was finally greenlighted.  Such is Hollywood, or Atlanta, or wherever they’re making movies these days.  Which is just about everywhere as production companies and studios seek out higher incentives and lower taxes.

Voiceover for Ford Bronco: Birth of An Icon

I drove Ford trucks for years while I was in high school and college.  Life and responsibility dictated that I transition into passenger cars that could accommodate a car seat for babies and little kids.  A Bronco could have served both purposes.  It was a blast working on this voiceover project for Ford as they re-introduce the iconic Bronco with the help of none other than Jay Leno.  The segment I voiced is at 6:24.

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