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Virginia Tech Athletics

Virginia Tech has become one of my all-time favorite voiceover clients. They are great to work with, provide good copy and direction, and produce great work. Essentially, they do all the work for me. All I have to do is stick a mic in my face and try not to screw it up. Here’s a new video they produced with my voiceover that will run online, on their social media and during in-game.

StudioB/RVA S23 E27

New Prayer Group, new Thunderchief, new Transylvania Stud,  Book of Wyrms, new Bungees, The Donalds, Weak Chain.

PRAYER GROUP – Landlord College (E)
-released July 2019
THUNDERCHIEF – Lone Wolf McQuaalude
-released Sept 6 2019
-White Witch
-pre-order now
-releases Oct 31 2019
BOOK OF WYRMS – Spirit Drifter
-Twin Earth Records
-released Aug 23 2019
BUNGEES – Run Run Runaway
-Bungees ][+
-released Sept 15 2019
THE DONALDS – Dirty Work (E)
-Donalds/Love Roses Split (E)
-released Oct 2018
WEAK CHAIN – Bad Situation

River City Limits on WRIR 9-7-19

I hosted River City Limits on Richmond’s independent radio station WRIR on Saturday night. It features artists from in and around RVA. Here’s a playlist of the the songs and artists played who have a presence on Spotify -plus a few more that I had planned to play but ran out of time for. There are a few who are not on Spotify and are not included here. Check the WRIR logo below for the full playlist. See who else was on the show and go and support them too.

“Good Eye” Is Back

Once upon a time I had a podcast. It featured good people doing good stuff. It focused on wellness, mindfulness practices, health, creativity and other interesting topics. I’d invite smart, interesting people in to ask them questions so I could steal their knowledge and share it with you, the listener. The original name was a little to similar to another entity so I renamed the podcast and relaunched it as “The Good Eye Podcast“. The podcast and an accompanying Facebook page is live. Look for Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with the handle @goodeyepodcast and a website for notes and other content at The first new episode is about this year’s Bike MS: Colonial Crossroads event to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It follows my brother and me as we participate in the MS Ride from Richmond, Va to Williamsburg, Va and back. Check it out! And feel free to submit topic and guest ideas via the Facebook page. Thanks! -Jay

Good Eye Podcast – Ep.16 Bike MS Colonial Crossroads 2019

This week’s episode is a profile of the 2019 edition of Bike MS: Colonial Crossroads.  A whole bunch of cyclists, support crew, police, sag vehicles and MS Society organizers head from Richmond to Williamsburg – all at once!  I’ll have audio from the event, interviews with riders, organizers, support staff and more.  We do it every year to try and eliminate Multiple Sclerosis.  Come along for the ride!

National MS Society

The Good Eye Podcast


A new episode of The Good Eye Podcast is live.

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