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Get In The Herd Podcast & Video Series – McShin Foundation

The McShin Foundation is a nationally-recognized voice and invaluable resource when it comes to advocating for addiction and recovery.  If you or someone you know and love is struggling with addiction check out their many programs and resources such as their “Get In The Herd” podcast and video series.  Sometimes just knowing there are people going through what you are going through can be the first step toward recovery.  Here you’ll find open, honest conversations with folks in the substance use disorder community.

Source: Get In The Herd Podcast & Video Series – McShin Foundation

Keep an eye on Apple as indicator of COVID cases spread

Good Eye Podcast Ep40 Dr. Denise Foster – Cannabis and CBD

Dr. Denise Foster is the owner of Hemp Haven and Empirical Cannabis in Chesapeake, Va.  She has acted as the Regional Director of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, where she served as Secretary and chaired the Education & Research Committee and Social Media & Communications Committee.  She received her PhD from Regent University and her MSN from Old Dominion University and has been a Professor of Nursing at several colleges and universities.  She also practiced nursing as a Home Health & Palliative Care RN for an area health agency. She has been practicing as a nurse in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia for 35 years. She has presented educational seminars on medicinal cannabis to local community groups, health care professionals, and national nursing conferences.

Hemp Haven
Empirical Cannabis
American Cannabis Nurses Association
American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

Good Eye Podcast


Jay Smack | Voice over actor | Voice123

There’s a link to my Voice123 profile on the Jay Smack VO page of this website, but I cleaned it up a little today – swapped out a couple demos, added some bio info, etc. – so I thought I’d post it.  VO work is picking back up a little after quite a lull during the early days of the pandemic when everyone was doing their “we’re all in this together” messages.  We ARE still all in this together, but we’re starting to focus on our (new?) normal lives again.

I still have updating to do – adding recent work and such – but please reach out if we can work together.  I’d love to help.  Stay safe, all!

Source: Jay Smack | Voice over actor | Voice123

Good Eye Podcast Ep39 Rachel Douglas – The Innerwork Center

Today’s episode is a re-release of an episode released in 2019 with Executive Director of the Innerwork Center in Richmond, Va., Rachel Douglas.  At the time, the Innerwork Center was undergoing a rebranding.  It was known previously as the Chrysalis Institute.  Rachel talks about their programs, her own mindfulness and mediation practice, mindfulness in business, in family, and the growing popularity and necessity of innerwork.

The Innerwork Center

Good Eye Podcast



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