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HCB2 Sholarship Promo

While mostly an audio/post production, music and voiceover guy, I enjoy working with video too.  My friend Mindy Conklin at HCB2 (Hitting Cancer Below The Belt) asked me to produce a promo for a scholarship program HCB2 is doing as part of their “Can We Talk” initiative to raise young people’s awareness about colorectal cancer and prevention.  Mindy is awesome and the work she’s doing is important.  She lost her husband Rich to colorectal cancer several years ago.  She also hosts the HCB2 “Fight Right” podcast which you can check out here.  And Find out more and support HCB2 here. #guthealth #cancerawareness

I voiced this trailer for an Amazon Video apocalypse flick called “The Last” a while ago.  So it’s, you know, FUN!  Just recently heard back from the client that it was finally greenlighted.  Such is Hollywood, or Atlanta, or wherever they’re making movies these days.  Which is just about everywhere as production companies and studios seek out higher incentives and lower taxes.

Voiceover for Ford Bronco: Birth of An Icon

I drove Ford trucks for years while I was in high school and college.  Life and responsibility dictated that I transition into passenger cars that could accommodate a car seat for babies and little kids.  A Bronco could have served both purposes.  It was a blast working on this voiceover project for Ford as they re-introduce the iconic Bronco with the help of none other than Jay Leno.  The segment I voiced is at 6:24.

Keep An Eye On Your Mind

“Keep An Eye On Your Mind” has become a bit of a mantra for me.  For a while I said “try to look at life with your good eye” at the end of Good Eye Podcast episodes.  The thinking was that by specifying “good eye”, the potential existed for us all to have a “bad eye”; meaning the mischievous part of our mood>thought>personality  that loves to pull us down into bad habits, negative thoughts, resentment… unproductive but completely natural and all-too-common stuff like that.  Mindfulness, awareness and meditation are crucial to keeping a level head these days.  Always have been really.  If we don’t observe our thoughts and our experience within the context of consciousness and even influence those thoughts intentionally, they’ll wreck the place.  An unobserved mind is like a house full of little kids.  “I’ll just be gone for a second, they’ll be fine” turns into “Oh my God!  Turn my back for a second and the couch is on fire and the dog is wearing a dress and painted green!”  This video makes some great points about keeping an eye on your mind.  I’m currently reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself”.  It’s fascinating, but I’ve always loved the whole quantum field/parallel universe/probability thing.  Take it as you will.  Hopefully you’ll find some value in it.

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