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Hey Tough Guy

From “Dragon Master” to your basic narrator, I’ve provided voiceover for lots of different kids of video games. Here’s one in which I play a tough-guy military type. Maybe not so tough-guy. But it was fun!

Good Eye Podcast Ep50 Sara Daves – Oneness Summit 2020

Sara Daves, Intuitive Purpose Coach, has put together a virtual event that features speakers talking about how after a (to say the least) tumultuous 2020 we can begin to “shift our focus toward healing the relationships with ourselves and others, and with our planet. We can act from a place of belonging, connection and hope.”  Sara talks about the summit, the featured speakers and their messages.  The summit begins Monday December 21, with talks delivered to your inbox.

Anchoring the Consciousness of Oneness World Summit 2020

Sara Daves

Good Eye Podcast


Good Eye Podcast Ep49 Rik Surly – Thunderchief Metal Farmer and the Sauce of Doom

Rik Surly is industrious, entrepreneurial, metal and has a green thumb.  After spending years in the restaurant industry and years playing and touring in bands.  Then he created a musical entity he could drive himself: Thunderchief.  He has also created some of the best hot sauce you’ve ever experienced: the Thunderchief Sauce of Doom.  It’s all natural, uses no vinegar and he grows all the chilis himself.  He also ships the sauces or delivers them himself.  He talks about the process from ground preparation to sauce delivery on this episode of the Good Eye Podcast.


The Official Hot Sauce of Doom

Good Eye Podcast 


Good Eye Podcast Ep48 Glenn Oakes – Nonprofit Fundraising and Support

Glenn Oakes runs Caboodle, and consultancy business in Northern Ireland that helps nonprofits with their fundraising.  Glenn believes it’s his calling to help organizations that do good to do well.  He’s dedicated to service, helping people and spreading kindness.  He even started the hashtag #kindnessworks which is spreading on social media around the world.  His positivity and energy is infectious.


Good Eye Podcast


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