Like many folks shut in and isolated due to the pandemic, in need of connection and new, positive energy, we got a “COVID dog” last year.  The decision was much deeper than that as we had missed our beloved Gracie terribly in the couple years she had been gone and we were ready.  Besides, Jackie P, our little corgie mix firecracker was ready for a new trainee, having taken copious notes during her training from Gracie and prepared to bring a new dog up to speed on dos, don’ts, shouldn’ts and only-if-you-don’t-get-caughts.  She didn’t actually know she was ready for the role of trainer and new head of household, but she ultimately proved that she was.  So Frankie the Golden mix pup entered the fray.  She was a combination rescue/litter pup.  We looked all over for a Golden or Golden mix from non-breeder options (breeding just isn’t our scene) – SPCA, rescues we had adopted from in the past, even connecting with a Golden rescue organization in Pennsylvania that family members had adopted from, but it was COVID and everyone was adopting.  Which is awesome.  We finally found a litter in Rockingham County, Virginia.  A young couple had a Golden momma who had had a litter with a Golden mix daddy, and they couldn’t keep the puppies.  We contacted them immediately and went up there that weekend to meet the momma and her pups.  We chose the smallest one which turned out to be Frankie.  We went back after she had some time with her momma and brothers and sisters and brought her home.  This was her first official test drive of her water instincts.  Consider all boxes checked.