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Good Eye Podcast – Dan “Gravelthroat” Wright – Voice Actor

Dan Wright, a.k.a. “Gravelthroat”, is a working voice actor and one-time vocalist for hardcore and metal bands.  His raspy, gravelly vocal tones can be heard on national commercials for ACE Hardware and hockey broadcasts and promos on ESPN as well as other places in the media and internet universe.  We talk shop about all things VO including breaking down copy, finding the sweet spot in your reads, coaching and gear.  We stray a bit too and get into music-related topics and our past histories.  This episode is something of an experiment as we’ve talked about starting our own podcast.  Join us, won’t you?

Jay Smack VO
Good Eye Podcast

Voice Actor, Buddhist Peter Coyote

As a voice actor myself who meditates (almost) daily and holds mindfulness in high regard, it was great to see this article in TRICYCLE – The Buddhist Review with one of my voiceover heroes who also just happens to be a practicing Buddhist and Zen priest Peter Coyote.  The stars don’t necessarily align, but they do make themselves available to awareness if you remain vigilant and , dare I say it, “mindful”.

Peter Coyote on Transforming the Self 

RVA MUSIC – River City Limits on WRIR 97.3fm Richmond Independent Radio

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*new or recently released

1. Thunderchief – King of the Pleistocene*
2. Thunderchief – Evil Woman* (Spooky Tooth cover)
3. Shiva Bulldozer – Mother Dear*
4. The Practitioner – Agony In The Garden
5. The Wimps – Mary*
6. Hotspit – Epitaph
7. Sammi Lanzetta – Borderline*
8. Deau Eyes – When*
9. Bucket – Because of You*
10. Gnawing – Germs Burn*
11. The Judy Chops – Goodbye Sunday Morning*
12. Lightmare – Chanson de Peur*
13. Butcher Brown – Frontline (CARRTOONS remix)*
14. THE J.O.B. – Heart Is Hollow*
15. PJ Sykes – Stardust
16. Greg Garner – Blob Factory
17. DJ HARRISON – 2021 Disco feat. Stimulator Jones*
18. Fight Cloud – InBetween*
19. Landon Elliott – Mona Lisa*
20. Enforced – Malignance 21. Arkaza – Shadows
22. Spiral Fracture – Jackal
23. Opin – Hospital Street II*

StudioB/RVA – Thunderchief, DJ Harrison, more..

Thunderchief – King of the Pleistocene
-dedicated to Curtis Payne
Rik Surly, Erik Larson
“Synanthrope” is the latest THUNDERCHIEF album to be released straight to Digital on Friday, December 3, 2021 (The Last 2021 Bandcamp Friday!).
Physical media release is planned for early 2022.

The band took a different direction in writing “Synanthrope”, almost as a direct response to artists who feel they have to belong in a particular “box” when writing/releasing music. By no means does this mean it’s better, it’s just a more relaxed approach to staying in the now.

THUNDERCHIEF – “Synanthrope”
Copyright 2021 THUNDERCHIEF

Recorded by Mike Dean – Raleigh, NC
Mixed by Mark Miley – Richmond, VA
Mastered by Nick Zampiello – New Alliance East
Photos by Chris Boarts Larson

Rik Surly- Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Erik Larson- Drums

Shiva Bulldozer – Mother Dear
Former members of Krell, Terminal Bliss, others

The Wimps – Mary
Pillow and Blankey
Released Thu – Dec 2
Recorded by Mitch Clem
Mastred by Allen Bergendahl

Sammi Lanzetta – Borderline

Bucket – Because of You
New single
Released Nov 22

Gnawing – Germs Burn
Released Nov 2021

DJ HARRISON – 2021 Disco feat. Stimulator Jones
Tales From the Old Dominion

Butcher Brown – Frontline
Originally released on KingButch

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