Month: May 2021

Ride Against MS 2021

The annual Bike MS event is back in a couple weeks. This is my 18th year as a team captain cycling riding in the annual Bike MS fundraising event and supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
I started riding the 150 miles from Richmond to Williamsburg and back many years ago for a dear friend who’s still fighting MS. Since then the list of people for whom I ride has grown every year as people reach out with stories of their personal stories of the fight against MS.
Given the last year (last year’s ride was virtual and this year’s is altered a bit) I am WAY behind on my fundraising. It completely snuck up on me.
Support often comes from a number of regular, dedicated donors who have been affected or have family members affected by Multiple Sclerosis. But all support and consideration is greatly appreciated. Thanks for any consideration.
This is my Bike MS donation page:
All this info and updates are on a page on this website:

Tutorial: Editing Podcasts In Audacity

When clients hire me to podcast like a pro the number two question – number one being “What should my podcast be about?” – is usually “how do I edit the podcast audio and get it ready for publishing?”  That’s totally understandable.  Audio production and mixing can be confusing with a steep learning curve if you’ve never worked with recording and editing software.  In this video, we walk through some basic audio editing steps and techniques in Audacity, a free digital audio workstation.  It doesn’t address everything as audio editing and mixing is a never-ending pursuit full of tricks, tips and tools that go further and further into detail when it comes to audio manipulation.  But it should serve to provide a foundation on the road to podcast production.  As always, for more details, questions and one-on-one instruction, please contact me via the contact form on the front page of the website.


Good Eye Podcast – Robby Williams – Financial Planning With Purpose

In this episode, Jay talks with insurance and financial services advisor Robby Williams about financial planning with purpose.  The conversation touches on subjects such as tax implications and clears up some confusion surrounding equity market versus fixed-income investment, diversification, what to keep in mind when making a long-term plan, and viewing financial planning with a purpose based on what what’s important to you both financially and personally.  Robby provides a lot of honest, practical insight into important subjects that are often confusing and intimidating.

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Good Eye Podcast

StudioB/RVA – Ink To Spill – Bob Sauer

Ink To Spill is what has been described as a “virtual band”, with songwriter Bob Sauer living in the Tidewater area of Virginia and the rest of the band spread out around the country including areas such as Seattle and Chicago.  But they all come together to make music.  And they work with the RVA-based Marketing Mixtape .  Bob talks about getting the band together, dealing with the pandemic when they were already something of a virtual band separated by geography, inspiration and the creative process.  Also hear Ink To Spill songs Hyd’n (latest single), Lenny  and Chalk Lines

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Good Eye Podcast – Elizabeth Tollis – Business Coach, Podcaster

Elizabeth Tollis is a business coach, entrepreneur and podcaster.  As a business coach she helps entrepreneurs build the mission-based business of their dreams.   On her podcast “Full Focus Entrepreneur” she talks to other entrepreneurs and mission-minded people about what makes them go.  Some of the topics in this episode include guesting on podcasts as a means of promotion and networking, simplifying business for entrepreneurs, confidence – what it looks like and how to find it, unique challenges and opportunities faced by women in the world of entrepreneurism, starting a business during a pandemic, ratios of marketing to execution especially when starting out, purpose, broadness versus niche in small business, taking strategic risks and more.

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