Month: June 2020

StudioB/RVA S24 E11 SparkJam 2020

Todd Feldman of The Rocket Factory, organizer of SparkJam 2020 talks about the upcoming event.  SparkJam 2020 is a virtual online event being held Friday June 26 from 8am to 6pm to benefit the Virginia 30 Day Fund.  It will feature speakers, music performances and will address challenges facing small businesses in 2020.

Performers include Saw Black and Landon Elliott with a panel of speakers including:

  • Andy McGraw – Moderator, University of Richmond/Rumput
  • Reggie Pace, No BS Brass /Hustle Season Podcast/Bon Iver
  • Ben Baldwin, Spacebomb Group
  • Anthony Smith, Virginia Repertory Theater
  • Lucas Fritz, The Broadberry
  • Carlos Chafin, In Your Ear Studios
  • Andrew McEvoy, Classical Revolution RVA

Go to for more info and tickets.


A new StudioB/RVA podcast episode is live. #rvamusic

Good Eye Podcast Ep37 Marjorie and Christine Veiga, Dr. Deborah Drake – Sound Healing

Marjorie Veiga of MyLymeGuide is dedicated to helping patients and their caregivers manage tick-borne diseases and claims sound healing, using audio frequencies through devices such as the Ampcoil, is one of the best ways to accomplish that.  Her daughter Christine Veiga is the first Ampcoil user in Virginia and is developing a practice of bio resonance (or bio entergetic resonance) using the Ampcoil device.  Dr. Deborah Drake is the developer of AmpCoil Better Guide.  She is the Director of Bioenergetics at the Head Office of the Board of Integrative Medicine and Integrative Health Group – Toronto Canada.

Dr. Drake:


Good Eye Podcast Ep36 Mark Bowers – PDCHR

Mark Bowers heads the PDCHR, the Professional Development Consortium of Hampton Roads.  The PDCHR partners with educational organizations to help them brand and market themselves.  He’s a retired Navy submarine officer, spent ten years in Washington DC in the defense sector and consults with non-profits.  He’s also a transplant patient, preparing for a kidney transplant.  He shares perspective on his missions and experiences on this episode of the Good Eye Podcast.  

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