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Well and Good Podcast: WG012 Growing Non-Profits with Robin Green of Sandler Sales Training

Today’s guest is Robin Green of Sandler Sales Training.  Robin is a certified instructor and works with organizations to develop customized sales, management, leadership and recruiting solutions and everything in-between.  Robin discusses working with non-profits and some of the challenges they face in growing their organizations via donor, community and volunteer outreach and engagement.  Some of those challenges are similar to those facing for-profit organizations, and some are unique.  Robin also has a podcast called “Lead.  Learn.  Grow.” wherein he speaks with leaders from the fields of business, government, education, and the non-profit sector.

Robin’s Podcast: Lead. Learn Grow.

Robin’s blog.


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A new Well and Good Podcast episode is live.

The Well and Good Podcast – WG011 Integrated Medical Arts with Sean Orr

Today’s guest is Sean Orr of Praxis RVA.  Sean is many things to many people, especially if you are among those not sure where to turn on your wellness journey.  He offers acupuncture, nutritional counseling, moxibustion, herbal medicine and much more at his practice, Praxis RVA.  

Show notes:

Praxis RVA:

A new Well and Good Podcast episode is live.

The Well and Good Podcast – WG010 Yoga with Mary Burruss of Flowering Cactus

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The Well and Good Podcast – WG009 Veteran Outreach and Education with Tech For Troops’ Mark Casper

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