Podcasting and Audio Content Production

You love podcasts.  If you’re like most dedicated podcast listeners you subscribe to around 6 podcasts per week.  You probably listen to between 4 and 6 podcasts per week, but maybe you dabble with a couple others to see if you should replace one of your current podcasts you’ve grown weary of.  You understand podcasts.  You’ve often thought, “I should do a podcast.  I’ve got a great idea and I just KNOW people would dig it!”

We agree.  You SHOULD do a podcast.  It’s an incredible medium and it’s only getting bigger.  We get it.  We get you.


Podcasting has proven to be a great medium for building direct and personal relationships with customers.  When someone listens to a podcast, it’s basically a one-on-one conversation.  The listener feels part of something, like they’re actually in the room being included.  It’s an incredibly intimate and powerful way to engage folks you want to reach and interact with, whether you run a business, non-profit or other organization.  And when you podcast, you are perceived as an expert in your field.  Not to say that perception is inaccurate or disingenuous, but to that YOU are the one with the platform.  YOU are the one who has taken the time and made the investment and done the work to give your vision a voice.  That effort and energy comes back to you.


Podcasting is a content generating machine.  One episode can also be recorded on video.  You take your podcast and, if you wish, the video of your podcast, edit it into multiple segments (one idea or topic per segment) and distribute it over all of your marketing and social media channels.  It will go out there and work for you – speaking for you and reaching the people you wish to reach.


Got a great idea for a podcast?

Don’t know where to start?

Or do you know where to start but don’t have the gear or space to produce it?  We can help.  We can come to you or you can come to us.


Come record our podcast production suite at Red Amp Audio.  We’re providing podcast production services to small business, big business, individuals… ANYONE who has a great idea, or just wants to generate valuable content.  You just show up with your ideas, content and guests, and we do the rest.


I can also go mobile and actually COME TO YOU to record your podcast.  I’ll bring recording equipment and microphones, you just do your podcast thing.  Then I’ll take it back to my studio and produce it for you using whatever music and/or production elements you have and want to include.  Want me to help you find some music?  Done.  Want me to produce an intro with an announcer.  No problem.

And if you need help getting your podcast published on a hosting platform where the world can find it, listen to it and beat a path to your door, I can help with that too.

I currently produce two podcasts, StudioB/RVA and The Good Eye Podcast (which is in the process of being re-launched.  It’ll be up soon).  It’s fun, educational, a great way to meet interesting people, and it lets you align your career, passions, interests or just your desire to give back with your actions.

Podcasting is personal, exciting, unrestricted and a lot of fun.  Join us in the podiverse!

Contact me about this exciting method of giving your vision a voice…