Podcasting and Audio Content Production

Podcast listeners like you subscribe to around 6 podcasts per week.  You try out some others based on what your friends are listening to.   The next step: produce one of your own.

If you’re an enthusiast with a great idea you’ve thought, “I should totally do a podcast.  I’ve got a great idea, I’ve told all my friends about it and I just KNOW people would dig it!”

If you’re a businessperson looking to connect with potential clients and have a more meaningful connection with existing ones you’ve thought: “I NEED a podcast.  It’s the new blog.”

Either way, we agree.  You SHOULD do a podcast.  It’s an incredible medium and it’s only getting bigger.  We get it.  We get you.


Podcasting has proven to be a great medium for building relationships and growing an audience.  Podcasts are one-on-one, personal and intimate.  It’s an incredibly intimate and powerful way to engage folks you want to reach and interact with, whether you run a business, non-profit or other organization.


Podcasting is a content generating MACHINE.  Explore topics, provide expertise, educate and enlighten.  People will respond.  Include video and you’re your own media empire. Once you put it out in the world your podcast will work for you, speak for you and reach the people you wish to reach.

Pro tip for businesses: Get into your space before your competition does.


Got a great idea for a podcast?

Don’t know where to start?

Or do you know where to start but don’t have the gear or space to produce it?  We can help.


In our podcast production suite at Red Amp Audio, we can do as much or as little as you need from providing a room and some mics to full production and mixing in a professional setting.  We’re providing podcast production services to small business, big business, individuals… ANYONE who has a great idea, or just wants to generate valuable content.  You just show up with your ideas, content and guests, and we do the rest.


We can also go mobile and actually COME TO YOU to produce your podcast.  We’ll bring recording equipment and microphones, you just do your podcast thing.

Need music?  Need an intro with a professional announcer?  Need graphics for your video podcast?  Whatever you need, we’ve got.

And if you need help getting your podcast published on a hosting platform where the world can find it, listen to it and beat a path to your door, I can help with that too.

It’s fun, educational, a great way to meet interesting people, and it lets you align your career, passions, interests or just your desire to give back with your actions.

Podcasting is personal, exciting, unrestricted and a lot of fun.  Join us in the podiverse!

Contact me about this exciting method of giving your vision a voice… 

Jay Smack currently produces two podcasts, StudioB/RVA highlights the music community in the Mid-Atlantic region, and The Good Eye Podcast focuses on health, wellness, inspiring stories, creativity and businesses giving back.